Asianomics Outlook: Surf’s Up or Tide Turning?

By: Dr Jim Walker

The outlook covers the following topics:

  • Asianomics Global Investment Strategy (1st Half 2012)
  • America and Eurozone round-up
  • Bank credit relatives in the US and Europe
  • It’s not just about public debt
  • No recession looming in the US
  • Asianomics Asian investment strategy (1st Half 2012)
  • Asian round-up: Upside or downside?
  • Despite Japan’s woes the yen looks good
  • Asian industrial production trending down
  • Significant monetary easing is not justified
  • China landing: None or hard?
  • China’s monetary explosion (real inflation)
  • Investment is the cyclical driver
  • India’s Hubris: Payback time
  • Currency rebounds while production languishes

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