1Question gains first mover advantage amid Apple’s release of Screentime API | Last Chance to Invest in Funding Round

Last week, at the Apple developer conference, Apple announced the release of the Apple Screentime API. To watch the Apple video, click here.

This has the potential for a significant impact on 1Question’s Use of Funds and the deployment road map for its iOS launch.

1Question (child app) is currently live on Android devices and were planning for the release of their iOS app in Q4 of this year. However, the opening of the Apple Screentime API could allow them to deploy on iOS in less than 6 weeks and may represent a cost savings of >$300,000.

Their live equity crowdfunding offer can be found here. They’ve already accepted bids of $1,629,564 of their $2,000,000 hard cap with the round closing next Thursday, 17 June.

As a Wholesale Investor member, you are getting an advanced notification of this development before 1Question announces this to 60,000 OnMarket members (where 1Question’s Equity Crowdfunding Campaign is hosted) via email this coming Tuesday.

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About 1Question Pty Ltd

1Question is an educational app that requires children to answer a curriculum correct question before accessing other apps.

Want to learn a TikTok move? ….sure, but first …what’s 7 x 8?

Want to post to Instagram? Go for it .. but first ….. What’s the square root of 6,384? (just kidding but you get the idea).

We built it because as parents to three daughters, we know the screen time struggle is real.

There are few moments during the day when our daughter is more engaged than when she presses that TikTok button. 1Question leverages this very engagement moment to create a micro learning moment. Lots of them – Every. Single. Day. Our advanced AI engine learns the students’ areas of strength and weakness and charts a customized pathway through the curriculum to enable a personalized, highly effective, learning process.

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