1Question Signs Major Deal Amid $2m raise | 75% of the round filled

A new Australian app designed to regulate kids’ screen time has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with one of Australia’s leading smartphone and tablet manufacturers, IQU Group, that will see the 1Question app preinstalled on IQU’s range of mobile devices.

The deal comes amid an equity crowdfunding raise for 1Question, which has so far raised $1.5 million from 221 investors, and is days away from closing in on its maximum target of $2 million.

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Ann Elnekave, who invented 1Question with co-founder and husband Issac Elnekave, said the IQU phones are the types of phones that parents are buying their children.

“They are very affordable and can easily house all the apps kids live for, which are also the one kids waste so much time on,” she said.IQU Group co-founder Paul Lakkis said his company’s devices have key differentiators over other products in
the market.

“Our partnership with 1Question follows through on this commitment by delivering added value to our customers,” he said.

1Question was launched in the App Store and Google Play Store in April 2021 and has already had over 13,000 downloads. Apps can only be ‘unlocked’ by correctly answering a math question, every time they are accessed.

Parents can also download the 1Question Parent app, which allows them to remotely make changes to their child’s learning settings and provides an advanced AI-driven, real-time, dashboard of their child’s progress.

“We designed the user experience to be really simple, but underneath the hood is our incredibly intelligent AI engine,” said 1Question co-founder Issac Elnekave.

“As your child learns, so does the AI, which seamlessly deciphers each child’s areas of strength and weakness and autonomously charts a customised path for their learning.”

He said with an equity crowdsourced funding target of $2 million, 1Question plans to use funds to scale 1Question globally.

Click here to view the article by David Swan on The Australian.

About 1Question Pty Ltd

1Question is an educational app that requires children to answer a curriculum correct question before accessing other apps.

Want to learn a TikTok move? ….sure, but first …what’s 7 x 8?

Want to post to Instagram? Go for it .. but first ….. What’s the square root of 6,384? (just kidding but you get the idea).

We built it because as parents to three daughters, we know the screen time struggle is real.

There are few moments during the day when our daughter is more engaged than when she presses that TikTok button. 1Question leverages this very engagement moment to create a micro learning moment. Lots of them – Every. Single. Day. Our advanced AI engine learns the students’ areas of strength and weakness and charts a customized pathway through the curriculum to enable a personalized, highly effective, learning process.

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