Collins St Value Fund continues to perform – up 3.58% after fees for November 2019

The Collins St Value continues to perform strongly with the unit price up 3.58% after fees for the month of November.

A combination of portfolio holdings across multiple sectors drove returns throughout the month, evidencing the robust, differentiated and deep value investment research processes undertaken by the Portfolio Management team.

For the 12 month period to 30 November 2019 the Fund has delivered investors a 38.63% after fee return, underpinning a #1 ranking out of 107 funds in its Morningstar category based purely on performance.  Longer term, the Fund has achieved a 3 year after fee return of 12.18% p.a. (~16% p.a. since inception in February 2016), supporting a #1 ranking out of 95 other funds in its Morningstar category.

The Collins St Value Fund is a high conviction, benchmark unaware Australian Equities Fund that is available to wholesale investors only.  Currently, the Fund holds a portfolio of just 16 listed Australian equities (across a selection of gold, uranium, financial services and pharmaceutical names) as well as a ~21% cash allocation for impending opportunistic asset acquisitions.

About Collins St Asset Management

Collins St Asset Management seeks to preserve and grow the capital of high net worth investors over the long term through a high conviction value-based strategy that promotes a genuine alignment of interests between investors and the portfolio management team.

The Collins St Value Fund was Morningstar’s top performing Australian equities based value strategy in 2018, has, as at 31 October 2019 returned ~20% p.a. (gross of fees) since inception in 2016 and is underpinned by a unique fee structure that only sees fees charged when investors make a return greater than the 10 year Australian Government Bond yield.

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