50+ Countries in Just 24 Months! A Pioneering Global Start-Up in one of the Fastest Growing Industries on Earth – Mental Wellness

Quality Mind Global (QMG) is now the fastest-growing mental wellbeing training and licensing company on the planet, in the rapidly growing $4.5 trillion mental wellness market. Providing a powerful, affordable, and universally accessible long term mental wellness solution for the B2B & B2C markets in 50+ countries.

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The GWI defines mental wellness as “an internal resource that helps us think, feel, connect and function. It is an active process that helps us to build resilience, grow and flourish.” And QMG’s ultimate purpose is to license, train & equip thousands of licensed Mind Mentors™ across the globe with their revolutionary IP and tech, enabling them to rapidly awaken people to live their true potential and achieve greater happiness, fulfilment, business & life success.

Stress, loneliness and burnout were exploding pre-pandemic, and a stronger focus on mental wellness has been a cultural mega-shift these last few years; with people awakening to the importance of integrative solutions. People are increasingly seeking non-clinical help in coping with everyday mental challenges, and that’s where the mental wellness industry steps in. QMG’s Personal Activation System™, coupled with their mobile phone app, which offers far more than meditation, has seen thousands of clients across the globe reduce stress, overwhelm and anxiety while learning how to effectively manage the high pressures of career and life.

In the past 24 months, QMG has personally mentored over 1000 clients in 50+ countries, with thousands more using the app. They now have 50 Licensed Mind Mentors™ on their team from 8 countries, and the customised QMG app is available in English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Indonesian & Portuguese. They offer a wide array of customised Life, Business, Sport & Mind Mentor programs.

Their team is headed up by Richard Maloney, who is the company founder & CEO, and who has been a finalist in both the Telstra and Optus business awards for three consecutive years. There are four shareholders who actively work in the business at HQ, and all are so passionate about Quality Mind that they have personally invested in the company, which has been almost entirely self-funded to this point.

Word on the street is that the next stage in QM’s current growth phase will be to run a series of National & International Roadshows to attract new Mind Mentors™. These workshops will be systemised, enabling all Mind Mentors™ to ultimately run their own Roadshows to attract new Mind Mentors™ and clients to their team. Watch this space!

“My journey with Quality Mind and Mind Mentor Bruce Wilson has been astonishing. I never really understood how to find and remove the limiting beliefs, but now I do. As a result, our business is up over 75% from last year. Breakthrough program!”


“I made my investment back with the registration of my first crew, I currently have 4 running and look to have at least 10 programs this year.”


About Quality Mind Global

Quality Mind Global (QMG) has developed systemised IP and technology that rapidly reprograms people’s minds, enabling them to quickly maximise their true potential. We enable people to let go of limiting beliefs, habits, and mindsets that are sabotaging their success, and embrace a new set of proven strategies that result in improvements in all aspects of mind & body health, along with greater prosperity and lasting happiness.

QMG is now the fastest-growing mental wellbeing licensing and training company in the world. With 50 licensed Mind Mentors™ assisting 1000+ clients in 30+ countries within the last 24 months.

We exist to share our highly effective mental health and behavioural health care systems with the world, offering a more powerful, affordable and universally accessible solution for long term mental wellness. Our USP is our systemised IP which our Mind Mentors™ share with their clients via mass group mentoring. Our teaching systems are a unique blend of Neuroscience, HeartMath Technology, Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Ancient Wisdom.

The QMG IP is also matched with customised backend and mobile phone app technology to fast-track reprogramming. The 5-star QMG app is available in English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Indonesian & Portuguese. We are now focused on licensing 3000+ Mind Mentors by 2030. Feel free to check out our 100+ 5-star Google reviews.

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