$52K MRR Generated by Wellness SaaS Platform in its First Month | 5 Corporate Clients Signed Including CommBank and Sofitel

“My experience as a yoga teacher and owner of the BodyMindLife Studio has given me first-hand insights into the impact of COVID-19 on studio-based teachers who have lost their income and access to students. 

Peter and I created BodyMindLife Online to enable teachers to earn outside the studio network, become independent, and follow their passions. Our teachers are now going in new directions and tapping into new markets of consumers who care about their wellness.”

Phil Goodwin, Co-Founder, BodyMindLife Online

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Executive Summary

BodyMindLife Online is a global content creation SaaS company in the wellness industry. It offers tools and community features for teachers and students, opening up an uncapped income stream for teachers and enabling consumers to access yoga, pilates, fitness, and mindfulness classes worldwide from the convenience of their homes.

Whereas studios have high overheads and capacity limits, teachers on BodyMindLife Online can earn more, teach more classes, and connect with more students, with greater flexibility in structuring their schedules and designing their content.

BodyMindLife Online makes wellness activities accessible to a more diverse customer base with a greater number of teachers and consumers. It efficiently facilitates connections between teachers and students as the former can provide direct feedback to the latter in real-time while conducting a pre-recorded class remotely.

Investment Highlights

Since its launch on 21 June 2021, BodyMindLife Online has demonstrated rapid growth and validation from investors, the industry, and the market:

  • BodyMindLife Online has raised $600K from three high-net-worth investors in its pre-seed round. These investors have continued to commit to the current round of capital raising.
  • BodyMindLife Online has earned $52K MRR in July.
  • BodyMindLife Online has signed agreements with five corporates to deliver content to over 80K students.
  • BodyMindLife Online has published 14K hours of content.
  • BodyMindLife Online has been accepted into the Baremetrics Global SaaS Mentoring Program.

Investment Offering

BodyMindLife Online is raising $2M to grow its team and expand globally.

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