A Light in the Dark for Companies During the Crisis & Beyond

A message from Christine Bear, Managing Director, CAITO Pte Ltd:

Due to all that is happening around the world, CAITO has met a ‘perfect storm’ and will be providing critical AI capability to any organizations for whom knowledge & information is a fundamental or underlying aspect of their business model.

We are in a new and very disruptive era.  People are not all able to go to their places of work, businesses are being disrupted and under real threat.  Service delivery requires information and knowledge.  Internal knowledge access and knowledge transfer are also critical.  Any disruption to these ‘service chains’ will be disastrous for businesses.

So how can businesses keep servicing their customers most effectively? This requires real knowledge, real data, real insights, real-time.  CAITO enables this from wherever people are working and can be set up quickly in highly secure Cloud environments.

CAITO provides:

  1. Secure Cloud based, sovereign Knowledge Repositories with any quantum of information (in any formats) that need to be accessed
  2. Real-time access to relevant documents / content in response to natural language queries
  3. A Cognitive AI system that is constantly learning what is of most relevance to the enquirer
  4. Cognitive AI power enabling massive productivity
  5. A straightforward implementation right now, in this high-risk business era
  6. The option of expanding capabilities to provide insights, links between information, alignment to workflows and more, whenever / if ever, you want.

Applies to any companies / organizations in any sectors where knowledge access is integral to survival.

This is our time to add exponential value to customers and establish CAITO as a world brand.

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CAITO is a multi-capable Cognitive AI (CAI) Platform, used to create Enterprise-level CAI Solutions, hosted via any Cloud service. CAITO’s AI-enabled Solutions utilize Cognitive Artificial Intelligence using Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning for clients across a range of industry sectors.

CAITO includes automated document digitization, domain-specific Named Entity Recognition (NER*) capabilities, support for natural language query and generation, and embedded advanced analytics capabilities.

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