Capital Raising and Accessing Venture Capital

With a current distribution of over 21,500 the Wholesale Investor platform is a powerful tool for Private and Pre-IPO companies to communicate directly with a targeted audience of High Net Worth, professional and international investors as part of their capital raising strategy.

There is currently significant demand for investment into these companies, with the results from the latest Wholesale Investor National Quarterly Survey showing that over 60% of investors are seeking to invest into Private Companies, and over 50% seeking Pre-IPO opportunities.

Wholesale Investor increases the visibility of the private space by closing the gap between these investors and companies who seek capital, a trade sale or a strategic investment.

Private, Pre-IPO companies and Fund Managers can use Wholesale Investor:

  • As part of their Capital Raising strategy
  • To generate interest in their company prior to a Capital Raising
  • To initiate relationships with investors for future funding rounds
  • To seek strategic investors
  • To seek active investors or additions to the Board and Management
  • To provide access to greater networking opportunities
  • To seek commercial relationships which can accelerate a company’s growth, through exposure to potential joint venture and licensing partners, and companies seeking merger or acquisition opportunities