Adelaide Startup Secures Pre-Seed for Proof of Concept

Superbucks, has successfully closed off their Pre-Seed round and ready for their next phase of development for their Proof of Concept.

Mindvision, also based in Adelaide, has been commissioned to build locally the application and features needed to showcase the service to prospective investors interested in taking part in the virtual horse ownership scene.

In addition, Superbucks has obtained a data supply contract. This valuable data will fuel and visualise the gains over the past year by using the Superbucks algorithm and engine.

Additional updates will be provided over the coming weeks through the Wholesale Investor network. Be sure to follow the company or request access via CRIISP to stay updated.

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About Superbucks Pty Ltd

Starting with as little as 1000 Superpoints the customer can invest in any horse that is nominated for a TAB meeting. Each horse is allocated 1000 lots which are available to the customer to purchase and they may choose any amount of lots from 1-1000 if available and purchase with their superpoints.

Once the customer has purchased lots on a horse or horses, they are able to sit back and follow their horse’s campaign and grow their superpoints from any prize money, odds or trade.

The customer may hold their lots or trade their lots with other punters and re-invest in other horses or simply exchange their superpoints for the ultimate superbuck cash exchange into their investment account.

Superpoints are the currency used to invest, buy, trade and win. Simply load a minimum of $10 on to your account and exchange to your Superpoints ($10 = 1000 Superpoints).

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