ADET Accelerates Untapped Renewables Across Australia | Further Develops Australia’s First Large-Scale Transmission Network

ADET offers Australia smart harnessing and access to existing and untapped coastal and inland solar/wind generation capacity. These will connect to a smart transmission network that can provide stability and capacity with no reductions due to transmission curtailment and MLF risks.

ADET to develop and commercialise Australia’s first large scale transmission
network. Spanning to all corners of the continent and crossing some of the
best untapped solar and wind resources in the country.

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The HVDC technology will be used is providing numerous advantages for transmission over long distances and importantly very high efficiency with minimal losses. ADET will strengthening the existing network as well as provide support for the roll out of all future integrated system plan works. ADET plans to unlock a minimum of 20 giga watts of new renewables through staged tranches over the next ten years.

The benefits of the network will accelerate the Australian clean energy future and be a game changer in the renewable energy sector. It will provide renewable developers with certainty of dispatch and ease of connection not currently available in the existing network.

The transcontinental time difference will drive better revenues than is currently possible with existing systems limits. ADET will bring diversification to renewables such as geographic and weather independence which is currently not available to renewable developers. ADET is on WI raising seed capital as well as speaking with infrastructure investors and potential partners to integrate a long-term structured approach
to developing and operating such a mega project.

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