Advanced Turbine Technology for power generation and aviation markets

Advanced Turbine Technology company, Turbine Aeronautics, is commercialising its breakthrough technology. The Company’s owned and protected core IP has significantly improved the efficiency of turbine engines, and the Company is now working towards launching its first two products, for the distributed energy market under the brand TurbEnergy, and the civil aviation and UAV markets under the brand TurbAero.

The combined total addressable markets for these two divisions exceed $8 bn.



The launch product for the distributed energy market is a 100kW portable, modular power generator scalable to 1MW. Suitable for primary and back-up power for small to medium businesses and industry application in agriculture, oil and gas production and defence, the turbogenerator, coupled with a flexible, scalable business model, will allow for “in-country” manufacture, distribution and support, making the product more appealing to users than those of any existing potential turbogenerator competitors. This approach could replace incumbent diesel-fueled piston gensets characterised by high operating costs, environmentally unfriendly emissions and poor scalability.

A turn-key solution for clean, renewable, electrical power generation for biogas producing enterprises is also planned which could remove or reduce the enterprise’s reliance on the electrical grid.

The total addressable market (TAM) for the distributed energy segment that TurbEnergy is entering (75kW to 1MW) is valued at approximately US$7.5 billion pa in 2019 and is forecast to reach US$16 billion pa by 2030. Turbine Aeronautics is aiming to penetrate <2% of this market over five years by combining protected and owned technology with a unique business model allowing for licensing options for in-country energy production and distribution, along with strategic partnerships to deliver turn-key biogas production solutions.


In the sub-300hp civil aviation and UAV markets, there are currently no turbine engines that are both commercially available and competitive with incumbent piston engines in price or fuel consumption. The Company’s technology provides 20-30% higher efficiency than the next most efficient turbine aviation engine in this category. Piston engines supplied by the current incumbents are based on 70 year old piston technology. The well-proven advantages of turbine engines over the market-dominant piston engines represent a significant opportunity for TurbAero to significantly disrupt this market and gain considerable market share.

The Company has been engaging with the top 10 airframe manufacturers that dominate about 80% of the launch light aircraft market throughout the duration of its development program. These manufacturers have strongly influenced the unique features of the 200hp launch aviation engine and are key influencers in the aviation market. A number are active supporters and promoters of the TurbAero proposed family of engines.

The aviation and UAV TAM is approximately $1B comprised of $220M (recreational light and primary military trainer), $350M (certificated light aircraft) and $500M (UAV) rising to $1B over the next decade. The Company aims to penetrate up to 12% of this market over five years through delivery of a new and significantly improved product to this market capitalising on the advanced turbine technology owned and protected by Turbine Aeronautics, which has the potential to replace existing piston engines.

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About Turbine Aeronautics

  • Turbine Aeronautics is commercialising its breakthrough Advanced Turbine Technology for distributed energy and aviation markets.
  • The Company’s owned and protected core technology has significantly improved the efficiency of turbine engines, and the Company is now launching its first two products in the distributed energy and aviation markets, under two brands, TurbEnergy and TurbAero.
  • With total addressable markets exceeding $8bn, and the UAV and electric power generation markets in high growth rate sectors, an exciting opportunity exists for Turbine Aeronautics’ disruptive technology.

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