Agritech Targets $552B Dairy Industry | A$1.25M Already Raised

“Disrupting the $552B dairy industry, Good Earth Dairy’s agritech results in affordable camel milk, which has less dairy food-borne allergens, improved nutritional value and digestibility of infant formula, and reduced carbon emissions from dairy production.

Having already raised more than $1,250,000 of our $2,000,000 maximum allocation, this could be your last chance to invest before we unlock the infant formula market.”

Marcel Steingiesser – Good Earth Dairy CEO & Co-Founder

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Executive Summary

Good Earth Dairy is an innovation first company and Australia’s first camel milk ‘concept to commodity’ company.

It is a leading camel milk producer built upon operational excellence foundations; it expects to be a major disruptor to the A$552B dairy industry due to the Agritech developed to (1) bring prices down and (2) provide the capability to scale up efficiently and quickly.

Why camel milk? 1 in 10 infants suffer from allergens, and cow milk is Australia’s second most common food allergen. Camel milk is the only milk without this key allergen (other than our mother’s milk) and is also arguably the easiest milk to digest due to its unique proteins.

Investment Highlights

  • Good Earth Dairy has developed its technology over six years with an investment of over A$6M to commoditise camel milk.
  • Due to the innovative technology Good Earth Dairy has developed, the ATO formally awarded the company an Early Stage Innovation Company status for FY20 and FY21 (the turnover is too high to enable ESIC Status for FY22). The company has been awarded close to A$1M in R&D returns by the federal government.
  • The state government awarded Good Earth Dairy A$100K for use in the successfully completed de-risking study of its 5000 head dairy module.
  • Good Earth Dairy has formal support from stockists with over A$750M turnovers per annum.
  • The existing dairy in the 2000 area is being expanded along with an export licensed manufacturing facility that enables the launch of new (already developed) products thanks to funding already secured through the Australian record A$1.2M equity crowdfund raised in October 2020.
  • Funding to commence the 5000 head dairy has already been secured through the current raise to enable Good Earth Dairy to launch its infant formula.
  • The company has formalised a mandate with CPS Capital for the IPO.

Investment Offering

Having raised A$1.2M (Australian record in equity crowdfunding) in its seed round and A$1M in its current pre-IPO round, Good Earth Dairy is raising an additional A$2M via the Birchal platform. The company has already raised over A$1.25M.

This round will close on Thursday, 16 September 2021.

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