AI-powered intelligent video platform Visuo finds a solution in USD $40 billion market

Video marketing is the fastest growing advertising medium online, expected to be worth over USD$40 billion by 2021.

Visuo makes it quick, easy and affordable for businesses to create engaging marketing videos in minutes.

Using their proprietary AI-powered Intelligent Video Creation Platform, customers can create social-media quality marketing videos in a matter of minutes with no video skills or knowledge whatsoever.

Visuo Investment Highlights


Only about 12% of businesses online have any video content. There are 3 barriers to businesses creating a video:

  • It’s too hard (or they don’t know how to)
  • It takes too long (typical turnaround times for production agencies are 2-4 weeks)
  • It’s too expensive

Market Size

Certain geographical markets have a higher propensity towards Visuo, mainly due to their maturity when it comes to video marketing. They are Small to Medium businesses from the US: 30.2 million, Australia: 2.0 million UK: 5.7 million.


Research shows that only 12% of businesses have video content, leaving 88% of the market unserviced and looking for the right offering.

Initial Target

21.7 million Small to Medium Businesses in the United States and Australia, with USD $16.7 billion annual market value.

Target for 2020

  • 9,000 users and 12,000 videos created by 2020

Revenue Model

Subscription-based model for two segments: Professional package ($35 – $65 per month) suitable for SMBs that do video marketing on a regular basis and Agency package ($95- $195 per month) for professional marketing agencies that create videos for their clients.


Lap-Tin Tsun who has more than 9 years experience with online video start-ups and over 15 years of project management experience with Australia’s leading financial services organisations.

Daniel Le’au who has 5 years global CTO experience with Walters Kluwer, previously consulted to Google’s Deep Mind AI team, owned a couple of start ups including CarProfit Systems & iFirm.


Visuo’s patent application (No.19126522.2) thoroughly covers Visuo IP up to and including the ability for Visuo AI to learn and personalise outcome to each individual customer.

This patent provides a hard barrier to entry for any competitors attempting to replicate Visuo’s offering.

Competitive Advantage

Visuo aim is to be the leading video creation platform for SMBs online, by making it quicker, easier, and more affordable for customers to create engaging videos for their businesses than ever before.

With a complex and non- trivial technology build that makes use of AI to constantly learn about our users preferences and deliver better quality outcomes; combined with our unique and specialised knowledge of video production hat has been embedded into the very foundation of the Visuo platform, Visuo represents the next evolution of the video creation market, and a hard barrier for competitors and new entrants to match.

Exit Strategy

  • Trade Sale
  • IPO circa 2023-2

About Visuo

At Visuo, we aim to make it quick, easy and affordable for businesses to create engaging marketing videos in minutes. With our proprietary AI-powered Intelligent Video Creation Platform, our customers can create social-media ready marketing videos in literally a matter of minutes with no video skills or knowledge whatsoever.

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