AIRSTAYZ™ announces key partnership and market entry updates in their latest investor update


  • AIRSTAYZ™ has officially announced a number of key partnerships and market entry updates in their latest Investor Update.
  • Following a commercial agreement in 2018, they have announced an exclusive agreement with Simplenight®️ as steps to a complete merger (ostensibly, only subject to our capital raise).
  • A Pre-Series A target of $6MM US has been set to fund necessary tech works and ongoing working capital.

AIRSTAYZ™ has officially announced a number of key partnerships and market entry updates in their latest Investor Update to ensure all Shareholders and Interested Groups have access to participate in ongoing capital raising.

Market Entry, Exclusive Agreements and Merger Talks

AIRSTAYZ™ is set to launch, and signed an exclusive agreement with Simplenight, following their signed commercial agreement in 2018. The two companies are looking to merge together in changing the travel game, plus with a merger will increase their combined market presence and cash flows.

China Partnership and 2019 Investment Deck

AIRSTAYZ™ have announced an official exclusive market entry with ABC World to execute a China Strategy with more information outlined in the Investment Deck, 2019.

Pre-Series A Capital Raise

With a capped $6MM US Pre-Series A target, AIRSTAYZ™ is seeking a timely $2MM US to take the company out of ‘bootstrap’ towards a fully funded operating company. The capital raised will fund necessary tech works, integrations and ongoing working capital.



AIRSTAYZ™ is a game-changer for the travel ecosystem. Blockchain-based loyalty in its best-use form, STAY is the utility token – the future currency for the Global Travel Ecosystem.

A groundbreaking project started in 2014, AIRSTAYZ™ is backed by strong industry Founders who are owners, operators and online distributors.  Beta version already live, AIRSTAYZ™ with top partnerships secured: Simplenight, API’s (room supply), OpenTable (dining), OpenKey (digital key), Bellhop (share riding), Alluxe (luxury), Piñya™ (games), Delos (health), Marc Hotels® (hotels) which means formula for success. A stellar $1m ICO fundraise in June 2018, execution has been mapped through to completion of the Minimum Viable Product, go-to-market strategies in place, onboard of hotels & global supply – lastly STAY will be tradeable in the secondary cryptocurrency markets.

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