AIRSTAYZ™ update on Tech Build (incl MVP); Engagement $1.5MM; NASDAQ; Binance and or top 10 exchange listing roadmaps; Pinya

AIRSTAYZ™ provides timely update, rounding out 2019, summary below:

1.a Capital raising efforts

Raising funds been a tough slog, particularly past ~8-12months, to say the least, to ensure sufficient runway to finish off tech and launch;

  • launching into market with solid tech, UX and UI in today’s market place, both native App and
    desktop being paramount;

    • a big welcome to Mike Berson (Balehu Founder & CEO) and his incredible team that will lead that part of the ongoing tech, finish off our MVP plus some
    • the AIRSTAYZ DEMO be circulated shortly
  • onboard hotels through API’s, direct, channel managers (Supply / Inventory side);
  •  integrations (Simplenight®, Bellhop®, Openkey*, STAY incl wallet);
  • ICO exchange listing;
  •  Digital key / keyless entry* (some tech integrations already completed), other concierge services, STAY Rewarded™ (incl STAYbl coin), PMS,
    CRM, Dashboards – all prioritised as later stages of platform release;
  •  …and then commence customer engagement strategies (Demand / Customer side) incl Piñya, as Jayson (Piñya Founder) develops the business plan and pivotal in that integration and customer engagements.

*Digital key is where we started this journey, and continues to be a hallmark/point of difference, together with patent #1 and our tech design
reflects that. Noting, the industry and customers are moving more and more toward this path – pre-arrival check in / checkout, skip reception™ and room access.

Once we launch into the market place we will be dealing with a wider audience (beyond investors, ICO community, team), but hoteliers, travellers, interested public – we need to be ready for that… and the tech and Business Development never stops, always needing to be tweaked and responsive to a changing landscape.

1.b Engagement Letter $1.5MM

Hence, the search as an early goal of ~$2MM to provide enough bandwidth. To affect, we signed an Engagement Letter with an Australian (Sydney) based corporate advisory firm (ICS, Integrated Corporate Services) to secure $0.5MM to $1.5MM. We had been discussing AIRSTAYZ™ for some time, and ICS have some key and solid approaches to securing our capital needs, incl a FP network, tech fund, HNW and Chinese (given our exclusive JV partner) – they “get it” ie the platform and problems trying to solve; fragmentation, friction, costs, fungagement, personalisation, data, digital key, crypto component, IP, the core team, FinTech and set against the backdrop of the macroeconomics.

2. NASDAQ / IPO (c.24 month target)

Following on from our meets with NASADAQ during our USA 2018 roadshows, a formal approach now commenced to a listing in due course.
Subject to timely funding to hit our milestones, create sufficient value for the IPO. Both liquidity even for shareholders, but also access to capital markets, in the USA and other key markets. Equally fundamental for our “growth by acquisition” in the target companies already identified.

  •  click here re timeline and click here re steps, we’ll be working closely with them to achieve, and they have access to private funding networks
    to support as we grow our story and closer to listing, and ringing the Bell at the NASDAQ
  • click here re our interview at the NASDAQ, NYC 2018 (and other digital assets at our YouTube channel)

Noting, a series of conference calls and meets been taken in the 6 weeks to better position AIRSTAYZ as part of our roadmap. NASDAQ, a wellknown global exchange that has as its core in “tech” and platforms, and whilst lists several of the largest companies on the planet (AMAZON, APPLE, Facebook – collectively $2.5 trillion USD market cap in just these 3), has its roots in small to midcaps, from pre-revenue to advanced – and continues to embrace and welcome young start-ups. NASDAQ, has to compete against capital from VC’s, PE’s and large FO too.

The AIRSTAYZ story is one they like and keen to support. We too have to provide a compelling story, for example STAY is a vertical both keen to succeed in as a point of difference, let alone being a tech platform, and in the growing trillion $ travel sector.

3. Melià Hotels International

Following on from various direct meets with supply chain partners, a formal approach to Melia Hotels International now underway

  •  click here re their letter (October 2019)
  •  Other Hotel Groups well advance for some time, all awaiting our tech and launch (please see page 22 of the Investor Briefing paper)
  •  Integrations with Simplenight® as part of our pre-tech build, well add c.600,000 hotels ontop, plus API’s into and adding a further 1.6m hotels worldwide
  • OpenKey’s keyless hotels is now approaching c.100,000 rooms with installed and deployed digital key access. As originally intended through our solid relationship with OpenKey we’ll look to tap into this pool of hoteliers – a low customer acquisition cost
  •  Several Telco’s / mobile carriers we reached out to and met with in Europe and Australia (America Movil, Telefonica, Telstra), all awaiting release of the tech to then ush out to their client base. Rev-Share models continue to be a consistent theme vs any strategic investment

4. Suite of docs

Both the Deck_2019 and Investor Briefing Paper [IBF] have been prepared as part of the ongoing presentations to various funding parties.
Please see below links to our suite of docs, outlining our vision and differential advantages – incl Piñya [page13 of the IBF], the gamification or “fungagement” of travel, a powerful intersection with STAY Rewarded™ our crypto currency & loyalty program

  • Deck_2019
  • Investor Briefing Paper [IBF] – ready to be downloaded, in format as is interactive
    •  put together as a compendium to our Deck (a pseudo data room), reflective of various feedback, backgrounds notes, media, promo links and generally more detail

5. Piñya

A Welcome to all the Piñya Shareholders, AIRSTAYZ having recently acquired the company, tech and IP (incl patent).

  • Welcome Letter to all former Shareholders was sent 20th October 2019
  • – freshly minted, expanded on in due course

6. ⓅPatents

#3 & #4 patents are being worked up and developed ahead of lodgement
Patent #1 reached PCT status during the year. Patent #2 (acquired through Piñya acquisition) also progressed.

7. Binance

Preparations underway for an appropriate exchange listing of STAY. Several outreached with and inbound inquiries too.
Based on the research so far and discussions with various, Binance exchange seems the preferred to list with.

  • NB: we also undertook a poll via our AIRSTAYZ telegram community and Binance by far the preferred exchange, 27:1
  • Paperwork already commenced with Binance, and timed to be completed post 100 days launch and 1-3 months thereafter to ensure sufficient in-market use, any MVP add ons and in short fully accepted by Binance – one of the World’s top crypto exchanges

8. General

A continual eye to overheads, not that we carry too many (especially fixed), however a gradual increase in the monthly burn rate will inevitably occur as we grow. x3 Budget allocation prepared for varying stages: (i) next 12m; (ii) a further 12-24m, as per Use of Proceeds schedule, page 20 of the Investor Briefing Paper (inc NASDAQ requirements); (iii) growth by acquisition and ongoing development, increased marketing.



AIRSTAYZ™ is a game-changer for the travel ecosystem. Blockchain-based loyalty in its best-use form, STAY is the utility token – the future currency for the Global Travel Ecosystem.

A groundbreaking project started in 2014, AIRSTAYZ™ is backed by strong industry Founders who are owners, operators and online distributors.  Beta version already live, AIRSTAYZ™ with top partnerships secured: Simplenight, API’s (room supply), OpenTable (dining), OpenKey (digital key), Bellhop (share riding), Alluxe (luxury), Piñya™ (games), Delos (health), Marc Hotels® (hotels) which means formula for success. A stellar $1m ICO fundraise in June 2018, execution has been mapped through to completion of the Minimum Viable Product, go-to-market strategies in place, onboard of hotels & global supply – lastly STAY will be tradeable in the secondary cryptocurrency markets.

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