Alibaba and Pacific Century Group-Backed Private Equity Unicorns Fund Focusing on Chinese and Southeast Asian Pre-IPO Opportunities | Targets Double-Digit Returns | Raised $300M+ to Date

“We continue to see companies around the world disrupting industries and reaching unicorn valuations. We think investors who see the power of innovation to change lives should be able to invest in these companies. The Altive Unicorns Fund provides a gateway for investors to gain access to the world’s leading companies and capture significant growth as these companies move to IPO.

With a large, highly experienced investment team and deep relationships with family offices, venture capital firms, and partners throughout Asia, we are pleased to be offering the Altive Unicorns Fund to Australian Investors for the first time.”

Hardy Liu, Managing Partner, Altive

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The Altive Unicorns Fund is a closed-ended private equity fund, which provides exposure to leading pre-IPO technology companies. Altive alternative investment platform enables high-net-worth individuals to have access to the following opportunities:

  • Invest in equity in private and pre-IPO emerging industry leaders empowered by disruptive technologies.
  • Gain exposure to China, Southeast Asia, the United States, and Europe.
  • Invest in high-quality external companies that would otherwise only be available to institutional investors.


Investment Access to Some of the World’s Most Exclusive Deals

  • Leverage Altive’s extensive network of family offices and venture capital firms in Asia and throughout the world.
  • Get an allocation to some of the world’s most exciting companies before they move to IPO.

Short Investment Term

  • Five-year term
  • The fund has a shorter pathway to liquidity and can facilitate a shorter investment term than some private equity funds.


Exceptional Experience and Connections

  • Altive is backed by the Pacific Century Group and Alibaba and has a strategic relationship with Nuveen and Carlyle.
  • The company has over 80 staff in offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney.
  • The firm has raised over $300M on behalf of investors to date.

High Return Potential with Diversification

  • The fund targets double-digit returns annually over the life of the fund.
  • Get access to high-growth privately listed companies before they IPO.
  • Limit the volatility of your investment by diversifying across several underlying companies.


Altive has a diversified and experienced investment team with an outstanding track record of investing in private opportunities.

  • Hardy Liu is former China portfolio manager from Macquarie Asian Equities.
  • Cheney Cheng was formerly at Goldman Sachs, where he focused on Venture Capital.
  • Derek Lam is a former Senior Investment Banking Analyst at Goldman Sachs and Vice President of Principal Investments at Sun Hung Kai Strategic Capital.
  • Paul Carrett is the CIO of the Pacific Century Group and a member of the Altive Investment Committee. He was also a former Executive Director for Insurance Solutions in Goldman Sachs.


The Altive Unicorns Fund is raising $100M, and the minimum investment is $100K.

This offer will be closing December 20, 2021.

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