All-Weather Multi-Asset, Multi-Strategy Fund Designed to Deliver Superior Risk Adjusted Returns with Lower Volatility and Greater Consistency of Return than Australian Equities, with Foundation Pricin

WealthLander was established in February 2021 to provide family, friends and clients of our Founder, Dr Jerome Lander, with the opportunity to invest in a professionally managed all-weather, multi asset and multi-strategy diversified Fund that aims to preserve capital, reduce risk and seek consistent superior risk adjusted returns, lower drawdowns and less volatility (than a typical Australian equities fund).

The Fund provides wholesale investors with carefully considered and diversifying exposure to some of the world’s best single-strategy funds (some of which may be otherwise inaccessible to investors), and also invests opportunistically directly in global markets while hedging risks. 

The Fund may be used as a core standalone investment or diversified fund.  It is designed to be a good complement and alternative for investors holding traditional exposures across property, equities, fixed interest and cash.

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Fund Aim and Early Performance

The aim of the Fund is to deliver superior risk adjusted returns with a focus on capital preservation and compounding.  The fund targets double digit returns per annum over three-year periods.  

Performance is 13.9% over 8 months since inception on 1 February 2021 (assumes distribution reinvestment). This return is net of all fees and costs.  An investment in the Fund of $100,000 since inception, from February 1 2021, is valued at approximately $113,853 as at 30 September 2021.

Growth In a $100,000 Investment Since Inception 


MAR APR MAY JUN JUL  Aug Sep Since Inception
0.7% 1.7% 5.4% -0.8% -1.3% +2.0% +5.2% +0.3%


Fund Fees

A foundation investor fee discount is applied to all wholesale investors who invest before 25 January 2022.  The fees are 0.5% management fee and 15% performance fee above the cash hurdle. 

About Us

WealthLander is an Australian boutique investment manager and is 100% owned by management.  We specialise in providing a diversified alternative portfolio with high absolute return potential, and lower risk outcome (less volatility and drawdowns than typical long-only Australian equities). 

WealthLander was founded by Dr Jerome Lander our Chief Investment Officer in February 2021 following a successful career as a proven portfolio manager with specialist expertise in outcome-based and absolute return investing. He has 25+ years’ experience as an investment consultant, chief investment officer, head of research and investment analyst.

He has held senior investment positions including, Chief Investment Officer of the $12 billion Workcover Fund, a leading performer, Chief Investment Officer at Lucerne Asset Management where he delivered 21.13% net return in 2020. He has a personal track record of 12% annualised performance (after tax) over an 11-year period in a constrained superannuation Fund. Jerome’s qualifications include: MBBS (1ST Class Hons), M Bus. Com. (Finance Specialisation), and a Grad. Cert. Bus. Admin.

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