Altive extends partnerships through Australia and Singapore

Interest in the Altive Unicorns Fund continues to gather pace, with the firm reserving up to $30m of capacity in the fund for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Australia. The allocation will be used to help achieve exposure to Asian and American pre-IPO exposure in a multi-manager offering in 2022.

Altive has also announced a partnership with Conduit in Singapore to develop a VCC structure to provide access for Singapore and European based clients for the strategy, reserving up to $50m in the strategy for this sleeve. This arrangement includes a distribution partnership with Melbourne based Merricks Capital.

These arrangements further add to the momentum of Altive’s business, with the firm recently achieving a “Strong” rating from Foresight Analytics for the Carlyle Secured Lending Altive Access Fund.

Commenting on these recent developments, CEO Hardy Liu, say “We are delighted with the growing interest in Altive. We believe we play an important role in the investment landscape by offering wholesale investors the opportunity to invest in a range of alternative investments that have historically only been available to institutional investors.”

Altive is an alternatives investment platform based in Hong Kong, with offices in Singapore and Sydney. They have over 80 staff and over $400 million in assets under management. 

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About The Company

Altive is an alternative investment platform that enables high net worth individuals (HNWIs) to invest in top-tier alternative investment opportunities from around the world. We identify, source and provide access to various investment opportunities which include shares in private companies, pre-IPO opportunities and high-quality external funds that would otherwise only be available to institutional investors.

Altive is backed by the Pacific Century Group and Alibaba and has a strategic relationship with Nuveen and Carlyle. Altive has over 80 staff in offices in Hong, Singapore and Sydney. The firm has raised over $300m on behalf of investors to date.

With a large, highly experienced investment team and deep relationships with family offices, venture capital firms and partners throughout Asia we are pleased to be offering the Altive Unicorns Fund to Australian Investors for the first time.

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