Amber raising Bridge Round via SAFE Note

Amber is conducting a funding round to accelerate growth prior to large scale Series A capital raise. Details as follows.

Roadmap to Date:


  • Founding team
  • Proof of concept
  • $1m Seed
  • First crypto company in the country with investment from a major university (QUT)
  • Core Product Development
  • Acquired Fabric Corp – Payment & financial data tech


  • Commercialisation
  • Public Beta in market (March)
  • 1000 user validation (Product Market Fit, CAC + ARR)
  • $5m AUD Series A for scale (late 2019/early 2020)
  • $250k under management to date
  • Growing at 30% MoM
  • Expansion into UK + EU by Q4 2019
  • Next step: scale + bridge funding

Bridge Funding

Amber is raising a pre-series A funding round via SAFE note, giving investors the benefit of acquiring shares in the company at a discount on Series A conversion.

Shares converted from the SAFE notes will be discounted by 30%. The total amount being raised is strictly limited to $400,000 AUD.

Amber qualifies as an ESIC, which entitles Investors to a 20% tax credits immediately, along with 100% capital gains offset (ie; tax free upside).

The benefit of a SAFE note is speed & transparency for both parties (company & investors).

This is a rare opportunity to participate alongside a line up of major international VC’s on Series A, whilst acquiring not only a discount on the share price, but a 20% tax rebate & 100% CGT offset.


This bridge round allows Amber to accelerate their customer acquisition, and drive to their 10,000 user mark ($1m Annual recurring revenue) aggressively.

The $5m Series A, is then poised to drive toward the next major target; 100k users + expansion to UK + EU.


$300k closed since announcing two weeks ago.

Parcel sizes as follows:

Investment Range
Investor Minimum Maximum
Existing Investors $2,500 $50,000
New Investors $25,000 $100,000
Total $200,000 $400,000


About Amber

Amber is a Bitcoin exchange, wallet & micro-investment app – all in the palm of your hand.

We’re leveraging the world’s fastest-growing and best-performing asset classes to deliver a mobile-first, automated investment platform for the retail market. We’ve chosen to begin with bitcoin because of its inherent asymmetries, open access, security guarantee & the fact that it’s digitally native.

Amber is a rare opportunity to get exposure to this market by investing in the infrastructure, or “shovels” being built on and around the most exciting new asset in the world today.

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