Appellon’s global SaaS solution has secured PWC as a channel partner and $2m in upsells/renewals since June 2020, they are now primed to take on their pipeline of 130,000 new users

In a world where organisational performance is still largely fuelled by people, our mission is to fuel those people so that organisations can achieve their full potential.

Appellon has achieved what no other culture platform or consultancy has; a way to influence and measure the behaviours of individuals, teams and organisations and report the results of changed behaviours on business outcomes. Unless the daily behaviours of people change, change itself is slow or ineffective.

The Appellon, global, scalable cloud-based platform drives the user’s behaviours to improve individual self-worth while accelerating goal achievement and connection to organisational goals. We understand that it is:

  • People fuel business.
  • People need Fuel.
  • Appellon Fuels people.

Sue Jauncey, Founder, Appellon

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  • Clients don’t believe complex culture programs deliver on their promises.
  • Engagement surveys have proved to be ineffective at best, counter-productive at worst.
  • Clients want measurement of behavioural and performance outputs.
  • Failures in systems are often behavioural, with workforce members using them incorrectly.
  • Government-inquiries/regulators in Australia, UK, US are pointing to cultural issues at the core of many industry issues


  • Appellon’s platform does the heavy-lifting by managing the workforce.
  • Appellon’s platform holds every leader and team member accountable for implementing these systems/change effectively.
  • Appellon’s one algorithm measures the combined productivity, goal progression, performance improvements, behavioural and wellbeing outputs.
  • Appellon change the underlying psychology of the workforce whilst reinforcing behavioural change which results in rapid and lasting change.
  • Appellon’s platform is concept proven with client testimonials from the Royal Australian Navy, National Health Service (NHS) among others.

Competitive Edge

Subscription-based pricing makes our solution highly competitive

An evidenced-based psychological SaaS Platform that manages and fuels the workforce, drives the behavioural change to achieve performance requirements and measures the behavioural outputs and performance improvements.

  • Workforce behaviours enhancement through SaaS Technology
  • Tracks the improvement of Workforce psychological resilience and wellbeing
  • Measurement of behavioural outputs and proven correlation to business performance (the only platform to do this)

Team Experience

Their Board and Management have comprehensive experience in both start-up and established businesses across the public and private sectors including funds management, investment banking, health, defence, human capital and technology.


They’re seeking a $5M at pre-money valuation of $30M Enterprise Value (EV) to expand workforce in marketing, sales, client success, technology.


In order to achieve their first critical target of $5.8M in contracted revenue by June 2021 and $13.45M by June 2022, they now have 56 prospective clients in the pipeline representing over 130,000 users and a raw pipeline value of just over $15M.

The priority goal for Appellon is to continue to build the current pipeline, convert sales and increase the number of users.


Since a fully subscribed raise of $2M at an EV of $20M in June 2019, Appellon has:

  • Completed and released the digital platform June 2020, (MVP)
  • Secured a joint business relationship with PwC, (Enterprise Channel Partner)
  • Developed two compelling new products in response to the current global pandemic,
  • Further developed the client base,
  • Secured $2M of renewals, upsells and new contracts since June 2020

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