Appointment of Taiwan Distributor

• Appointment of J&H Technology Co Ltd as Optiscan’s exclusive pre-clinical distributor for Taiwan
• J&H Technology is a distributor of leading United States and European pre-clinical equipment

Optiscan Imaging Limited (ASX: OIL) (‘the Company’ or ‘Optiscan’) announces that it has appointed J&H Technology as its exclusive distributor in Taiwan for the FIVE2(ViewnVivo) in the pre-clinical research market. This appointment follows the appointment of two (2) China distributors in Shanghai and Guangzhou in 2019 and a new distributor in North America in 2020. Taiwan represents an attractive market for the FIVE2 (ViewnVivo), being consistently ranked as the top knowledge economy in Asia, with its biomedical sector identified as one of the five pillar industries for its national development.

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J&H Technology was founded in 2000 and has approximately 25 staff. It is a distributor for leading United States and European pre-clinical suppliers including ThermoFisher Scientific, PerkinElmer and Miltenyi Biotec.

Optiscan’s Executive Chairman Darren Lurie, said:

“The appointment of J&H Technology continues the expansion of our international distribution arrangements for the FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) in the pre-clinical research market. We are very pleased to have such a well-credentialled partner in an attractive market.”

About Optiscan Imaging Limited (ASX:OIL)

OptiScan (ASX:OIL) is an Australian listed company and a pioneer in the development and application of endomicroscopic imaging technologies for medical markets.   Our multi-patented confocal imaging technology can be used for both cancer screening and tumour margin detection in cancer surgery.  Our device enables real-time, in vivo imaging at the cellular level in clinical applications, providing a “digital” biopsy.  The benefits of this “digital” biopsy include monitoring of early stage disease, earlier identification of pre-cancer and the potential to reduce the time doctors, patients and operating theatres are required to wait for pathology results, the number of repeat surgeries and actual biopsies required.

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