ARC has reached over 700 users and is settling Zero Deposit Home Purchasers through EquityMate

ARC Network is a fast, mobile-focused proptech platform developed for project marketing professionals and property developers. ARC provides a simple, powerful platform to property professionals, and give them the ability to distribute their stock, track sales, manage team, and track activities on a centralised platform, while automating many of their tasks and workflow in the process, saving time and money.

ARC generates revenue by charging an affordable monthly subscription to professional users (developer, agents, brokers etc.), and currently have paying customers in NSW and Queensland.

Currently, the company have over 700 active users with a growth rate of 20% month on month.

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A big problem for Project Marketing today is that (new development) sales are distributed through different agencies, channels, and platforms, with each group using different systems (many without a system) for tracking sales, handling clients, reporting, and managing teams.

New development sales cycles in their current form could take months to complete, with information lost in the process, and how most groups cannot afford ERP solutions (with exception of the biggest few).

ARC Network is developed with the mission to give all parties the ability to distribute their stock, track sales, track activities (anywhere! on their smartphones) on a centralised platform.

ARC adapts and syncs with all major platforms (i.e. Salesforce, Zappier, Hubspot etc), allowing members to provide immediate information transfer and updates to one another, while automating many of their tasks and workflow in the process, saving everyone time and money.

ARC is supported by 2 additional products: Dragon VR and Equitymate.

Dragon VR provides full internal renders for off the plan projects, assisting developers to promote their product to their distribution channels.

Equitymate is an exclusive program to assist homebuyers to purchase a property with little to zero deposit.

About ARC Systems

  • Technology Enabled Equitymate Submissions via ARC Partner Portal

Digital Fact find gathering, Sales funnel, and pre-qualification which merges into the ARC CRM

  • First to Market

first fast paced, mobile-based project marketing platform, combining elements of proptech and fintech.

  • Diversified revenue stream

ARC Agent App, DragonVR and Equitymate

  • Self funded for 2 years.

Boot strapped for 2 years, now generating income with a break even projected for November 2021.

  • Existing clients have invested

Existing clients of ARC have invested.

  • No Marketing Spend to date

All accounts have come from word of mouth, no money spent on marketing.

Equitymate (Zero deposit Program) testimonial video:

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