Arthritis Relief Plus Completes US FDA Compliance, Receives Government Support & National News Coverage

ARP has developed and patented a novel technology – Acteev® with its lead product – 4Jointz®, a topical botanical cream addressing a significant unmet market need. It is commercial ready for key international markets.

FY 17 Company Achievements

  • Completed US FDA compliance, securing an OTC topical drug classification for 4Jointz
    Secured Australian Government support in the first cohort at the RocketSpace LandingPad in San Francisco.
  • Awarded new Queensland Government Ignite grant.
  • Completed production of first commercial pilot batch of 4Jointz in the USA.
  • Direct to consumer online sales testing for USA market commenced at
  • National and regional broadcast news coverage in Australia.
    investment opportunity now on offer to accelerate USA market growth and support global market partnering activities.

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ARP (USA) Pty Ltd has been granted the rights to commercialize 4JOINTZ® in the USA by Arthritis Relief Plus Ltd, an Australian Biotechnology company, which has developed, patented and successfully completed clinical studies of its unique botanical topical (4JOINTZ®) for pain, stiffness and swelling associated with osteoarthritis and other joint conditions.