Astro Launches Ballr in Malaysia – Live Fantasy Sport for Premier League Matches

Kuala Lumpur: Astro is pleased to launch Ballr, a LIVE Fantasy Sports game for iPhone and Android smartphone users that will take watching LIVE Premier League games to a whole new level. It has always been Astro’s plan to bring fans into the game, like with our For Fans Only campaign. We’re expanding out of a linear viewing experience, and always striving to offer an engaging experience for all sports fans, which is why Ballr is so exciting for all of us.

This is how Ballr works. Select a LIVE Premier League match you are interested in, and choose your player at every 5-minute interval. During the 5-minute period, every micro moment of your chosen player such as a pass, tackle, shot, foul, assist and goal will be captured in real-time and will be converted into points.

Top scorers in Malaysia stand a chance to win official Premier League jerseys every week by scoring the most points on selected Premier League games. You will also earn bragging rights among your football buddies as winners will be announced on Stadium Astro’s Facebook Page ( & also Ballr’s Facebook Page (

We’re excited to bring football fans this fresh interactive experience. Ballr is now available for download to all Malaysians on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Stay up to date on Ballr and the Premier League by following Stadium Astro on and

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