ASX Announcement – Corporate Updates for Optiscan

Optiscan ASX Announcement Company Update Highlights:

  • Optiscan expects additional cash receipts including from Carl Zeiss Meditec for in excess of $200k.
  • Total cash receipts from end of February till end of April are expected to exceed $900k.
  • Leading medical journal, Nature Biomedical Engineering, publishes study led by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre researchers confirming the potential for Optiscan technology to be used for “…intraoperative, PARPi-FL-based in vivo imaging without tissue excision.”

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About Optiscan

OptiScan (ASX:OIL) is an Australian listed company and a pioneer in the development and application of endomicroscopic imaging technologies for medical markets.   Our multi-patented confocal imaging technology can be used for both cancer screening and tumour margin detection in cancer surgery.  Our device enables real-time, in vivo imaging at the cellular level in clinical applications, providing a “digital” biopsy.  The benefits of this “digital” biopsy include monitoring of early stage disease, earlier identification of pre-cancer and the potential to reduce the time doctors, patients and operating theatres are required to wait for pathology results, the number of repeat surgeries and actual biopsies required.

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