AUD Deposits to Buy Digital Metals

Metex has hit a key milestone in its delivery of a digital exchange for metals and cryptocurrency: It now offers AUD deposits via PayID, EFT, and Credit Card.

To mark this degree of usability and accessibility for a wider range of clients seeking to hold and trade metals globally, with the security of an Australian exchange, we have also had a facelift, with a new brand rolled out across the exchange. The look brings the brand proposition in line with market expectations for an innovative exchange offering KYC AML for over 100 countries. 

Metex Exchange is an AUSTRAC registered, digital currency exchange platform trading 24/7/365. Metex is the only digital exchange delivering four precious metals globally to the retail market.

All precious metals traded on the Metex Exchange are full reserve tokens and 100% backed by vaulted metals.

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Metex facilitates trades with Australian dollars, Ethereum, Bitcoin or USD Tether. The customer gets the same value of the precious metal in a digitized form without having to worry about its physical storage and without paying insurance or storage fees. Token holders may opt for delivery of their precious metals within Australia.

Metex has developed a unique exchange and is constantly looking to add new features. Trading is fast and customers can set their own prices to buy or sell. Metex has a major client and partner in Ainslie Bullion, one of Australia’s leading gold & silver bullion dealers.

Metex is looking forward to innovative platform enhancements and increased tokenisation/listing opportunities for precious metals owned by third parties. We are working on expanding the range of precious metals offered on the exchange, integrating an NFT tokenisation and sales platform, and issuing a Metex utility token.

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