Augmented Reality Platform Accepted into Microsoft for Startups Program and Selected for Japanese Accelerator

FoundAt is the first augmented reality platform that can reliably and precisely overlay digital information in the world around us using a digital twin of the entire earth to capture, store, and share all forms of data. We merge the physical and digital worlds to produce a unique way of finding information like no other platform on the market today.

Our technology has recently attracted the attention of some leading global property, infrastructure, and mining companies that wish to manage the data for their assets in a far more efficient way.

We are now raising AU$1M so that we can deliver the final MVP to our eagerly awaiting customers.

Leigh Dowie, Founder, FoundAt

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Executive Summary

FoundAt is a SaaS and PaaS product that combines patent-pending augmented reality technology with a digital twin of the entire Earth to provide a more powerful, more cost-effective, and more versatile alternative to traditional digital twin platforms.

FoundAt provides efficient and easy methods that help clients find the most relevant information for their needs among the vast reserves of data managed by infrastructure developers, owners, and operators—especially data that can significantly affect operational and capital efficiency.

FoundAt produces immediate savings for companies that manage significant infrastructure assets. It represents approximately 1/10th of the upfront cost of a digital twin, but it comes with added functionalities that deliver incremental operational savings over the asset’s life.

Investment Highlightd

  • The augmented reality market is currently worth over US$10.4B per annum and is experiencing tremendous growth—approximately 57% per annum. Similarly, the current digital twin market is worth more than US$6.5B per annum and is growing at 17% per annum.
  • Large multinational mining and property/infrastructure companies that tested/conducted FoundAt’s proof of concept now wish to progress to paid trials and larger-scale rollouts.
  • FoundAt gained noteworthy industry recognition in the form of acceptance into the Microsoft for Startups program, participation in the Plug and Play Japan Summer/Fall 2021 Energy Batch 1 program, and collaboration with AI Startup Incubator.
  • The founding team provides a broad cross-section of industry experience from the construction/mining, software development, and advertising/graphic design sectors. Several members have also been in industry awards and recognised for their work in previous startup companies.
  • The company is progressing its application for potential funding via the Accelerating Commercialisation Grant program.

Investment Offering

FoundAt is raising AU$1M in return for either a safe note or direct equity to fund the product’s initial launch for the generation of first revenue.