Australian FinTech Ready for Global Expansion | 70+ Yrs of Executive Team Experience | Initial Seed Round Fully Funded

“In the current uncertain climate, while most asset classes are delivering sub-optimal returns, we are making waves in the largest and most liquid market of all—the currency market. Times are changing. Accordingly, we designed our high-frequency trading algorithms to thrive in the post-pandemic market structure.

We are here to generate consistently better returns through a unique, direct-to-bank trading environment. Our approach removes the middleman, mitigates market manipulation, and allows us to execute our orders with consistent precision. Our vision is one with a single aim—Redefining R.O.I.™”

Manas D. Kumaar, CEO, PWE Capital

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Executive Summary

PWE Capital is a fintech company specialising in the development of technologies to facilitate high-frequency trading in the currency, commodities, and derivatives markets.

PWE believes transparency is a prerequisite to high-frequency trading success. Given the structural challenges inherent to currency markets, PWE identified the need to eliminate retail brokers from the value chain entirely. To reduce the burden of intermediation, PWE connects directly to prime and non-bank liquidity providers. As a result, PWE succeeded in developing a trading environment where the company controls the order flow, from desk to exchange.

This solution enables PWE to offer unmatched scalability, better risk management, consistent returns, and strategies with longevity.

Investment Highlights

  • PWE received full funding for its initial seed round in April 2021.
  • Within six weeks of funding, the company deployed its trade environment—a milestone three months ahead of schedule.
  • Two weeks later, PWE secured its first major partnership with one of Asia’s most prominent family offices to set up a fully licensed and regulated fund under the Singapore VCC framework.
  • PWE has completed its final testing (using tier 1 price feeds). The results either matched or exceeded preliminary simulations.
  • The Singapore fund is due to launch within the coming weeks.
  • Another European Registered Alternative Investment Fund will soon follow for the EU/SEPA region.

Investment Offering

PWE Capital is currently offering Redeemable Preference Shares paying semi-annual dividends with a three-year maturity. The offer is exclusive to Sophisticated Investors as defined in Section 6D of the Corporations Act 2001 (cth).

For further information, investors can file an expression of interest form on the Company’s website or via the Wholesale Investor Deal Room.

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