Award-winning Natural Skincare Brand with £1M in Sales across 14 Markets | Critically Acclaimed by Vogue, Marie Claire, ELLE, and Cosmopolitan

I wanted to create a unique skincare brand that harnesses the vitality and power of the Himalayas with French “savoir-faire” to create a range of products that can address modern-day skin concerns at an accessible price point, to restore skin confidence.

Because when you look good, you feel great.

Aly Rahimtoola, Founder, Herbal Essentials

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Executive Summary

Herbal Essentials is an award-winning natural skincare brand that solves the problem of dehydrated skin and is developing a tech stack using genomics to disrupt how consumers select their skincare needs.

Herbal Essentials has a simple mission – to use the team’s expert knowledge to create skincare products designed to be accessible for all without compromising on quality, giving everyone the right to live with great healthy skin. In that journey, the company travelled 26,000 feet to deliver world-class skincare to consumers.

Investment Highlights

  • Herbal Essentials has been critically acclaimed by industry buyers, key opinion leaders, and consumers through 5-star reviews, including “best of” lists in Vogue, ELLE, and Cosmopolitan 
  • Herbal Essentials has won numerous awards from well-known brands such as Marie Claire, Pure Beauty, and Beauty Bible, and here are its best awards:
  1. Best International Skincare Breakthrough Brand (2019) 
  2. Best Micellar Water (2020)    
  3. Best Face Mask (2020)
  • Herbal Essentials’ clinically proven formulations strive to optimise skin health. Results are achieved by combining pure Himalayan spring water with active botanicals that work together to boost skin cell renewal.   
  • Proprietary formulations have been developed in France with premium laboratories and trademarked in over 30 markets, including the UK, EU, USA, and Asia-Pacific  
  • The company has an omnichannel model selling into retailers and online. It currently operates in 14 markets including the UK, US, France, Germany, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.
  • Herbal Essentials is finalising a launch in Australia for 2022 with global listings with Superdrug, Marionnaud, Nocibe, Douglas, Watsons, Rakuten, Amazon and other leading health & beauty retailers.  
  • The company has an experienced core team with over 70 years of combined experience within the beauty sector.
  • The management believes that personalisation and data will be key drivers of future growth. The team is committed to working with technology partners to help consumers identify their skin traits and make informed decisions on what ingredients their specific skin type needs.
  • Herbal Essentials launched in 14 markets over the past 18 months, having achieved £1M in sales in 2020 despite the onset of COVID-19. It has a projected 100% sales growth in 2022 to target sales of £2M+ with positive EBITDA by Q2-2022.   

Investment Offering

  • Instrument: Convertible Note
  • Tenor: 2 years
  • Coupon: 8% per annum, paid semi-annual
  • Conversion: 20% discount to Class A ordinary shares on the next qualified equity round

For investors who can add strategic value and are interested in the growth aspect, the company can consider issuing Class A ordinary shares.

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