Axichain Hitting The Ground Running in 2021!

A few highlights:

> The AXIchain mNVD is being used by Australian producers all across Australia to move livestock, doing away with the paperwork, hassle and staying up-to-date with the #0720! AXIchain made the news earlier this month for their up-to-date #0720 – see article here.

> They launched the AXIchain Smart Trader – a smart, secure and effective market place and trading platform for domestic and international commodities trading. A one-stop-shop for selling, negotiating and contracting products locally and internationally.

> AXIchain is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Western Union Business Solutions to underpin the financial integrity of its end-to-end digital supply chain.

AXIchain is setting up for livestock lending to be available from AXIpay in the first half of this year.  The Data from the mNVD was independently valued at $11.5m. This real time movement data reduces risk in livestock lending allowing AXIchain to offer better rates and more flexible loans during the lifecycle of the livestock through the supply chain. This they feel will be the biggest driver for AXIchain as it will be connected to their Smart contract (SmartTrader) and repayment system, reducing risk for lenders.

Pre-Christmas they trialled their QR code and traceability system to consumers doors. Customers could see where their meat came from via the AXIchain immutable blockchained data system. Fresh meat packages arrived on consumers doors up until Christmas eve.

To find out more about AXIchain, check out their website here.

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About Axichain Pty Ltd

The leading international trading platform overcoming the barriers of connecting farmers to international buyers. A visual and easy to use platform automating the 57 steps down to 3 steps required to successfully export from farm to destination port.
3 Key processes helps farmers into the export process:

Key 1: VIP global commodity market place – specialising in the red meat industry with expansion into other verticals coming soon

Key 2: Smart contract functionality – on a blockchain system streamlined with escrow structured payment processes.

Key 3: Transparent traceability – from Farm to Fork via blockchain and QR code system connected to the trade and transaction system.

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