Axichain Secures Lucrative Industry License


Australian Technology company, AXIchain has been granted an eNVD license from the industry regulator, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) – Integrity Systems Company (ISC). The license allows AXIchain to deliver a digital national vendor declaration to Australia’s livestock industry, creating efficiency and precise paperless documentation when declaring livestock movements.

“This is another victory for AXIchain in our mission to provide a completely paperless digitised documentation supply chain”, said AXIchain CEO and Founder Linda Woodford.

The AXIchain mobile-friendly National Vendor Declaration (mNVD) is compliant with industry and state law enforcement agencies. It works online and offline and integrates with transporters, agents, buyers, saleyards and processors, making it a one-stop shop for livestock movement at your fingertips. Exclusive to AXIchain is a dynamic QR code system that enforces data as true and accurate for all movement details, even in offline situations. The mNVD app will be available to download from Google Play and iTunes soon, or you can simply use your web browser.

‘There are approximately 64.5 million livestock transfers in Australia, with around 90% declared on paper. So, we delivered a cost-effective and efficient way to declare livestock movements with one token costing .45c as opposed to $2 for the paper version’ said Ms Woodford.

“We built this software in three months and have achieved a level of sophistication not yet seen; it is the current industry-leading technology in this space”, Ms Woodford added.

AXIchain is building and delivering digital tools to address risks that may jeopardise Australia’s excellent reputation as an export-focused nation. Accompanying the mNVD, AXIchain is providing digitised production management software aimed at enhancing the quality of livestock production and, an export commodity trading platform underpinned by blockchain smart contracts, a digital bill of lading and automated logistics management. AXIchain is providing the end to end visibility of food products needed in the commodity trading environment of the future.

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About Axichain

The leading international trading platform overcoming the barriers of connecting farmers to international buyers. A visual and easy to use platform automating the 57 steps down to 3 steps required to successfully export from farm to destination port.

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