BCyber has launched its innovative 5 lines of Cyber Defence Program

BCyber has launched its innovative 5 lines of Cyber Defence Program. This latest addition to its partnership network of innovative cybersecurity solutions, aims to help businesses understand their current cybersecurity capability posture and the risk mitigation strategies required to address shortfalls when undergoing investment due diligence, partaking of capital raising or participating in mergers and acquisitions.

With cyber-attacks happening every 14 seconds and ransomware attacks predicted to increase to every 11 seconds by 2021 1, it is important that solutions within a business are addressed dynamically, consistently and in a cost effective manner. With the ever changing threat landscape, businesses need to consider the impact a cyber-attack has on all stakeholders of the business. Not only the IT and financial impact, but more importantly loss of reputation and brand damage – in some instances an attack can prove terminal. In December 2019 “an Arkansas-based telemarketing firm sent home more than 300 employees and told them to find new jobs after IT recovery efforts didn’t go according to plan following a ransomware incident that took place at the start of October 2019” 2

Utilizing the BCyber 5 lines of Cyber Defence Program – either in part or all five phases, we can undertake a cybersecurity business assessment and provide a bespoke solution for businesses of all sizes at all stages of the business growth cycle, regardless of industry. We work with you to review your cybersecurity risk status by providing an assessment of your current cybersecurity posture and recommending appropriate solutions to address identified shortfalls.

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1 https://www.cpajournal.com/2020/01/17/technology-touchstones-for-2020/

2 https://www.zdnet.com/article/company-shuts-down-because-of-ransomware-leaves-300-without-jobs-just-before-holidays/

About BCyber

BCyber provides cybersecurity for business in protecting intellectual property from security threats and infringements. Through the investment directly in other global cybersecurity firms, we aim to seek strategic licensing agreements for distribution of solutions. The solutions invested will be aligned with the protection of IP in social media, domain name management, infringement and cybersquatting.

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