Bioactive Laboratories Pty Ltd – CEO Interview

Bioactive Laboratories specialises in plant based solutions for human health.

They have developed the first anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agent that is gentle to the stomach. Studies show it rivals the drug efficacy and strength of NSAIDs such as Voltaren, without digestive side effects.

Global market sectors worth an estimated $560Billion annually make anti-inflammatories & pain agents the most widely used of all drugs and complementary medicines.

A faster route to market exists, than traditional biotech via the booming Complementary Medicine market to supply bulk powders & extracts.

Profitability within four years is predicted via a conservative financial model. This hybrid complementary medicine/drug development business model, suggests self funding for the development pipeline that includes drug candidates & revolutionary plant based solutions for type-2 diabetes.

Customers such as pharmaceutical & complementary medicine companies have been approached and are anxious to gain access.

To hear the latest on Bioactive Laboratories straight from the source, please listen to Rick Ferdinands, Founder & MD.