Biotech company, Avi Smart positioned to soar into global markets with its ten technology platforms

Some of the greatest inventions of the modern age were born from a lateral observation from a curious inventor.  John Chamberlain, founder of biotech company Cocky Smart reflects on a humid day in Western Australia just over a decade ago, “I was in a shearing shed full of sheep one particularly muggy spring that resulted in an infestation of blow flies.  Everything in the shed was covered in flies, me, the sheep, our equipment, everything except Sam my pet Sulphur Crested cockatoo. There seemed to be a repellent zone around him and this made we wonder if Sam had some kind of natural evolutionary protection”.

This commenced the journey and the company was formed to capitalise on John’s ‘eureka’ moment.  After a great deal of R&D, John found that the birds produce a powder that can be synthesised.  Its proprietary avian extract has shown parasiticidal, pesticidal, wound healing, anti-scarring, skin de-pigmentation, and potentially anti-cancer properties.

The company’s avian extract has potential applications in global pest, animal and human health problems and cosmetic applications in significant segmented markets with persistent unmet needs.  At the latest count, the science behind Sam has led to 10 high value organic technology platforms.

Greg McGuinness CEO of AviSmart is bullish about the prospects of the company but conscious of extracting the maximum commercial value from each of the various platforms, “We have 3 platforms that we are focusing our efforts on in the near term – a termite treatment, a bed bug treatment and a skin de-pigmentation formula.  The main differences between Avi Smart’s solutions and the competition are our solutions are organic, non-toxic and highly effective as it has been perfected in nature through evolution.”

The future looks bright with a number of high value solutions on the horizon, “The first three platforms are niche products with considerable potential, but the medium term has just as many commercial opportunities,” said Mr McGuinness. Avi Smart also has an anti-paraciticide formula that repels flies and lice on sheep, and cattle, as well as domestic animals and could be used to treat poultry sheds against ticks and mites.  “A single application lasts an entire season with a 99.5% repellency rate, no resistance issues and with no toxicity.  This is a game-changer for farmers that rely on mass quantities of chemicals that are rapidly losing their effectiveness”.

The solutions extend themselves to humans too.  Cocky Smart has developed an organic cream to treat skin disorders such as Shingles, Psoriasis, Eczema and Herpes. “Our topical creams can be  launched within a short time frame. On a longer time frame, we have found a formula that has exhibited very encouraging results in vitro against a number of cancers.  We are seeking development partners to capitalise on this.”  From humble origins in a shearing shed to positive Australia-wide media coverage, Cocky Smart and licensing subsidiary Avi Smart is poised to bring Sam the Sulphur Crested cockatoo’s wonderful discovery to the world.

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