BitBorro further develops the platform and kicks off Seed A round

BitBorro is being developed as an easy to use alternative platform option for lending against cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin.   The BitBorro platform can also be customised to suit lending against any other digital assets including security tokens that are becoming more popular. 

The Founders of BitBorro would like to update everyone with the progress to date we have made with the work done on preparing our minimum viable product to get ready to go to market with. 

From August 2019 till the end of this year we have personally invested heavily in time and finances towards preparing the BitBorro lending platform.  Most of the funds that have been invested have been directed into technology development. We firmly believe in making it as simple and as quick as possible to be able to apply for an online loan against cryptocurrency.  

We are excited to announce that BitBorro is now at a point we can fully demonstrate it as a working platform to any interested investors. 

In doing so we will be looking to re-engage with all interested persons that we have communicated with in earlier months from the interest generated at the Wholesale Investor event in Sydney this past July and we welcome of course any new interest in what we are doing.   We will be soon announcing live webinars for a demonstration of the platform.   

Our Capital Raising Opportunity:

In view of our readiness to go to market, BitBorro is opening a Deal Room on CRIISP for registering interest for taking up a Founding Investor Partner shareholding. Some of the details of the investment opportunity include:

  • We have allocated 10% equity in BitBorro Pty Ltd to be used for our first Seed A Round 
  • The amount being raised for our Seed A Round is a total of AUD$200,000
  • Investors will be receiving A Class shares with full voting and dividend rights
  • The minimum investment being sought is AUD$10,000 per investor
  • Funding is open to Retail (maximum 20 allowed) and Sophisticated investors
  • Round A Funding will be required to be closed by March 2020 
  • Use of funds will be for finalising any Tech Platform upgrades, programming of a Mobile Application for Apple and Android, supporting other licensing opportunities and preparing legals for the business, generating media interest, and further promotion and fundraising events, further research and development

We believe that our platform will very quickly get interested from not only Australian clients but especially those in Asia. As such we especially welcome the opportunity to discuss licensing white label agreements with potential investors partners from Singapore, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Japan. 

We welcome anyone to contact us via the Wholesale Investor platform.  

We wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and a hugely successful 2020.

About BitBorro

BitBorro is a lending platform that has been developed for initially providing fast loans to anyone wanting to lend money against any well-established cryptocurrencies they are holding like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. The BITBORRO Founders have personally invested the initial funding and many months of sweat equity needed to develop the business model and coordinate the building of the initial lending online platform. This is an Early Stage Investment Company (ESIC) opportunity, looking for capital and additional partnering opportunities.

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