Blockbid Announces Recapitalisation

Blockbid is seeking equity investors at $1.5m valuation – selling 20% of the company for $300,000.

Blockbid is positioned to be a high margin, scaleable, ultra secure, fully regulated, institutional grade digital currency exchange that is able to onboard customers from over 50 countries on all continents.

Blockbid is one of only 5 exchanges worldwide (including global majors) to successfully negotiate an insurance policy to cover user assets held on the platform. This mitigates retail customer fear of losing cryptocurrency to an exchange hacking incident.

Unique Exchange features include amend order button,  trailing stop loss orders, take profit orders, fill or kill orders and a multitude of other order types that are conspicuously absent in current crypto exchanges.

The company has launched a live and fully functional exchange platform to 3,000+ members to assist with bug finding and load testing.

Global Strategic partners include:
● Lexis Nexis – the world’s largest provider of Know your Customer and Anti Money Laundering security services
● Point95 Global – Shanghai-based digital asset management firm that can provide margin trading and market making services
● BitGo – the world’s largest bitcoin processor with $15B in transactions per month, is providing Blockbid with custodial solutions.


Blockbid Pty Ltd

The world’s first altcoin exchange to insure users’ digital assets. Less than 1% of population trade cryptocurrencies, and crypto volatility is unrivalled thus will attract increasing volumes of traders. Accepts customers globally. Generates revenue from transaction and AND listing fees. Limited Australian competition.

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