Blue-Chip Investment | Target Average Distributions of 7.55% p.a

About EG Private Wealth

EG grows the wealth of our private investors through commercial property syndication opportunities. Achieving consistent, above-average returns and capital security, EG takes a personalised and aligned approach to every opportunity.

As a team, we have invested over $250 million of private wealth in the property sector, achieving an average 27.8% IRR. The team you meet at the outset is the team who you will work with throughout the lifecycle of your investment, providing you with hands on, personalised service at every stage.

EG is committed to utilizing property technology to uncover new opportunities and to enhance returns for investors. Our proprietary risk assessment model clearly measures and prices real estate risks, providing a disciplined, data-led approach to decision making.

Our investors include sophisticated wholesale investors, trusts, SMSFs and companies who want investments that deliver strong yields and potential for capital growth in the medium to long term.

Investment Opportunity

EG Private Wealth Company current investment opportunity with average cash distributions 7.55% P.A. for 5 years projected equity IRR at 12% P.A. A long term investment for 5 years with tenant profile as AUSTRALIAN VENUE CO. which is 80% owned by the private equity group, KKR.

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