BodyMindLife Online Yoga | Beyond Doing the Pandemic Stretch From Physical to Virtual Worlds

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About BodyMindLife

BodyMindLife empowers teachers and students to explore their unique passions, creating a platform where teachers are rewarded with an uncapped income and students are supported through their practice.

The world has changed with a focus on universal well being and knowing that face to face can now be done through video. Their students learn from teachers in the fields of Yoga, Pilates, and Mindfulness as their starting point. Today, teachers are not constrained by the Studios they teach at and can tap into their passions creating stronger connections.

Teachers directly earn each time a student watches a class. In the first ten weeks of release, they’ve served 1,900 hours of video classes, paid $8k to teachers and earned $11k MRR.

The next stage is building tighter teacher and student relationships via their Direct Coach product, allowing a teacher to interact with students directly in answering the common complaint of “am I doing this right”. They then move on to a financial model of support using the crypto token economy, bypassing the payment gateways. This provides us with the next stage of unbundling and building a tighter relationship where teachers and students can support each other in this new creator and passion ecosystem.

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