BodyMindLife Update

BodyMindLife Online is a digital SaaS platform that empowers teachers and students to explore their unique passions, together. Teachers are rewarded by directly enabling their social network and students are supported with greater access to teachers and quality content.

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Thier platform officially launched to the public on the 21st June, 2021. Since then, they have experienced an upward trend in subscribers and total MRR – turning over $52k in the past month alone. They have:

  • On-boarded over 45 teachers and 30 more in the pipeline,
  • Published over 500 classes,
  • Streamed over 12k hours worth of content,
  • Paid teachers up to $30k.

Their primary goal leading up to launch was to create a viable product for their users – both teachers to publish content and students to watch classes on demand. Since then, they have been focused on growth in acquiring new students onto their platform. Growth and acquisition still remains the core focus of the team for the next 3-6 months, whilst simultaneously developing their product through user (current and churned) insights and feedback.

When thinking about user growth, they started thinking about the how:

  • From marketing initiatives to attract new students,
  • Thinking about their core “yoga” customers and their non-yoga customers,
  • A/B testing on creative campaigns for both their owned and paid social media,
  • PR exposure on a brand and teacher level with stories already in national press,
  • The product features and revenue streams like Direct Coach and more.

They recently asked for feedback which has shown they are on the right path and allowing them to expand beyond just the current niche of Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Mindfulness.

“love the variety of classes. Variety to choose from on-demand is the best thing about it.”

They recently started offering to corporates and teams as a new marketing campaign funnel as having over 500 classes to give the variety to fit all staff. They’ve reached out to different companies such as KPMG, Canva, Westpac, Google and marketing databases for hotels, offering a partnership whereby BodyMindLife Online gifts relevant employees or users a 30 day trial to their platform. The potential reach is anywhere between 150k+ users. The feedback they have already had from staff has been overwhelming.

“Thank you for arranging – couldn’t have popped in the inbox at a better time!”

Their goal is not just to increase brand awareness, but gather data around how this market of users consumes their content – providing them with greater insights on how to cater their product or diversify their content in order to tap into a new emerging post covid customer who are more aware of their wellness.

To help accelerate growth and mentorship, they have been accepted into the Baremetrics Global Mentoring program. This 12 month program provides them access to other global founders and top SaaS mentors from around the world like DropBox and MailGun to learn from them and take action within their business.

Their team has grown to ten full timers and multiple contractors – both locally and internationally – across functions of product, engineering, marketing, sales and teacher account management. Their next phase will be to look at growing their team beyond Australia, finding talent in Europe and USA as they look to expand their user base of teachers and students globally.

As part of this growth, they’ve also secured additional investment funding from their initial pre-seed investors stepping up to be part of the new round and raising more on the Wholesale platform.

Their overall vision is to tip the scales back in the teachers’ favour – by providing the toolkit for teachers to focus on teaching their craft and facilitating the ability to foster a greater sense of community with their students. They then empower teachers to do what they love, while being supported by an additional income stream.

About BodyMindLife

BodyMindLife empowers teachers and students to explore their unique passions, creating a platform where teachers are rewarded with an uncapped income and students are supported through their practice.

The world has changed with a focus on universal well being and knowing that face to face can now be done through video. Their students learn from teachers in the fields of Yoga, Pilates, and Mindfulness as their starting point. Today, teachers are not constrained by the Studios they teach at and can tap into their passions creating stronger connections.

Teachers directly earn each time a student watches a class. In the first ten weeks of release, they’ve served 1,900 hours of video classes, paid $8k to teachers and earned $11k MRR.

The next stage is building tighter teacher and student relationships via their Direct Coach product, allowing a teacher to interact with students directly in answering the common complaint of “am I doing this right”. They then move on to a financial model of support using the crypto token economy, bypassing the payment gateways. This provides us with the next stage of unbundling and building a tighter relationship where teachers and students can support each other in this new creator and passion ecosystem.

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