Breaking Therapeutics Barriers

Tessara Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing RealBrain™ technology – manufactured 3D human mimetic brain tissue – for use as a drug discovery model and as a tissue replacement therapy; to break longstanding challenges to developing drugs for brain diseases. We expect revenues within 24 months via licenses to the global pharma industry. Potential customers are engaged and interested to use our product.

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3D human tissue models are in great demand by the pharma industry to better mimic human disease and minimise animal use. Several successful companies are selling 3D human models of liver, kidney, heart, intestine and cancer. However, the complexity of brain tissue has proven particularly difficult to replicate. This is a key limitation to developing effective drugs for diseases including Alzheimer’s disease.

Market Size

Large pharma and biotech companies invest significant capital to discover and develop new drugs. They need good disease models to do so. The addressable pharmaceutical drug screening market is >$10B and growing at 25% annually.

Market Opportunity

Tessara employs a fully automated manufacturing process to combine human neural stem cells with proprietary biomaterials in “just the right” 3D micro-environment to induce high fidelity, natural development of RealBrain™ human neural tissue – as real as it gets in a petri dish.

The same technology has the potential to be used as a therapy for diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and stroke.

Target Market

Drug development companies, including contract research organisations serving global pharmaceutical companies, who aim to discover and develop drugs for brain diseases. Also relevant to companies developing drugs for other diseases who want to determine if they also affect the brain.

Market Model

Tessara will license RealBrain™ technology at a significant profit margin to leading global contract research companies (CROs), who will provide the technology as a premium model to their pharma company customers. Tessara are currently in discussions with key global CROs and expect  a commercial launch in 24 months, ramping from $5M to >$50M revenue within the first few years.


Tessara Therapeutics is run by a diligent and experienced board and management team with a track-record of success in building value of biotechnology companies in the US and Australia. The board consists of Dr Greg Collier (Independent Chairman, significant ASX company experience), Dr Christos Papadimitriou (CEO and Managing Director, and RealBrain™ technology inventor) and Christopher Boyer (Director, Head of Corporate and Strategic Development, and leading biotech business development executive).

Patent / License

Multi-level barriers of exclusivity and protection including an Australian provisional patent application approaching PCT stage, together with trade secrets, trademarks and significant expert in-house know-how.

Competitive Advantage

RealBrain™ technology is an unprecedented model in which to recapitulate brain physiology and disease phenotypes, which is validated in top peer reviewed scientific journals. It is also scalable and reproducible and has been recognised by potential expert customers as the latest innovation in neuroscience models. Existing technologies are either unreproducible or unrepresentative of the brain.


Over the last 18 months Tessara has achieved several significant milestones to de-risk the R&D program and advance the company’s corporate and strategic objectives; including recruitment of key staff and collaborations with CSIRO and RMIT. It has confirmed ATO ESIC status, received a R&D tax incentive payment and been awarded two non-dilutive grants.

Performance / Track Record

Tessara Therapeutics have scaled up the production of RealBrain™ bio-materials by 1000-fold, demonstrating that the technology can be manufactured at scale for commercialisation.

Key Clients / Strategic Partnerships

Strategic business development engagement with potential customers has led to significant interest. Multiple global companies have recognised the innovation of RealBrain™ models. Three of these companies have requested to evaluate RealBrain™ models in their own labs, to recapitulate and expand our results and as a precursor to licensing negotiations.

Tessara has a strategic partnership with CSIRO, who are assisting to scale up production of RealBrain™ technology ahead of commercialisation.

Exit Strategy

Tessara plans to be profitable within 24 months. Potential exit strategies include IPO, acquisition by a global CRO and potential spin-off of a business focused on commercialising RealBrain™ technology as a therapeutic for diseases including Parkinson’s disease and stroke.

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