Bricklet has listed its first development IBO (Initial Bricklet Offering)

Roxy Muse is a specialist build-to-rent development for the lucrative over-55s market; in Avalon, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

This $8M project gives investors access to a wealth opportunity typically reserved for property developers. Fragmented into 280 bricklets, each fragment creates ownership of all seven apartments and all common property areas.

Each bricklet is available for $31,885; with each owner registered against the property land title. This earns each bricklet investor the full returns of the development and the yield on rental across seven apartments; pro rata according to the proportion of the development owned.

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About Bricklet

Fragmentation is the new way to invest in property. A property can be split into ‘bricklets’ and then each bricklet is sold individually. Giving investors the opportunity to own a proportion of the property, at a fraction of the cost.  

BRICKLET is the world’s only property exchange, providing a market for tradable fragments of real estate. It provides a full suite of services including listings, trading, clearing, settlement, technical and information services, and other post-trade services. 

BRICKLET allows diversification within the property asset class and greater liquidity than what is typically offered by residential and commercial property. Each bricklet owner is listed on the property’s title deed as opposed to holding units in a trust.

BRICKLET has over 150 property developments applying for their Initial Bricklet Offering, where, on average, 20 fragments will be created per property and traded on Five properties have already successfully completed their Initial Bricklet Offering, with $2,500,000 of total minimum capitalisation on BRICKLET.

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