Build Your Own Digital Coach With Clevertar

Innovative digital health company Clevertar, is forging new territory in chronic condition management at population scale through engaging relational agent technology – health coaches available directly to patients via their own smart phone or tablet. Along with its academic partners, Clevertar has built and deployed coaches for chronic conditions including anxiety, depression and diabetes, and is now selling into population level providers.

But a question we are being frequently asked is this: can the Clevertar platform be available to any provider for any condition? And what about digital coaching beyond health?

The answer is yes, it can be. Clevertar designed its platform for its expert partners, but in response to demand from service providers in a number of industries the platform has now been made available for any enterprise who wants to engage their consumers. Our proprietary content management system supports the creation of new coaches quickly and reliably, but most importantly, without the need for ‘coders’. It is designed for experts – such as clinicians or educators – who intimately know their consumers and who want to create and deploy compelling new coaches direct from their own desk.

Areas such as education, training and corporate communication all have potentially valuable applications for Clevertar digital coaching, and Clevertar is excited to make its platform available for a global audience via content creators all over the world.

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