Business Fireball: Ludwina Dautovic Explains the Perks of New Business Venture

“Go-getter, high energy, overachiever”… These are just a few words in which one would describe when speaking of Ludwina Dautovic. Ludwina explains that she has always strived for “bigger and better things”, since leaving school in a small country town- to build her dream life. She has managed to establish a variety of many successful business that string across Australia. Her latest idea comes from “thinking outside the box” in regards to accommodation for budget travellers- it’s called The Room Xchange. A platform offering users rent-free accommodation in exchange for providing a couple of hours of help around the house each day.

With the increasing cost of living, The Room Xchange matches Gen Y and millenials up with the middle class homeowners, who most often have a room spare. This idea od paying for accommodation through household chores suits the needs of budget travellers and time poor householders who have less time to complete these tasks.
Founder & CEO, Ms. Dautovic commented:
“We see The Room Xchange as a fantastic match up on both sides,” says Ludwina, who hopes to expand the business outside Australia — to the UK, US and Canada— in the very near future. “The host gets their weekend back and the guest gets to cut their cost of living.”

The Room Xchange movement can change the way we live as a society by decreasing all issues that are connected with inequality, climate change and the increasing cost of living.

The Room Xchange is in the process of capital raising and welcomes interest from potential investors.

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