Cancer and COVID-19 Biotech with UK Government Grant and Patent | CEO with Three Successful Biotech Company Exits

“As an oncologist and cancer researcher, I am continuing to advance cancer treatment at Anastasis. I have previously founded and exited 3 biotechnology companies.

We have developed a protein that can penetrate target tissues and deliver our medications designed to achieve a specific and selective therapeutic effect by inhibiting transcription factors in mutated cancers.”

Prof. Agamemnon Epenetos, Co-founder and CEO, Anastasis

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Executive Summary

Anastasis Biotec Limited (ABL) is a biotechnology company whose patented ANTP platform enables drugs to enter cells and cross the blood-brain barrier.

Whereas there is no clinically approved treatment that specifically targets one of the most common cancer-causing mutations, p53, Anastasis’ proof-of-concept studies indicate that its AB1 drug has a cytotoxic effect specifically against p53 mutated cancers. 

Anastasis is also developing a COVID-19 drug that targets the Mpro enzyme in all COVID-19 variants, offering a more specific action compared to other drugs.

Investment Highlights

  • Substantial and growing market: ABL’s cancer drugs, AB1 and S4, target the most frequent cancer-causing mutations. The cancer therapies market is growing at a 9.15% CAGR and is expected to reach $268B by 2026.                                                                                           

  • ABL’s research on AB1 was selected for presentation at an American Society of Clinical Oncology conference in January 2022.                                                                                                                                       

  • ABL finished second in the GIANT Health Events Beanstalk competition in 2021.                            

  • The UK government has awarded ABL a £330K Innovate-UK Biomedical Catalyst grant.

  • ABL’s leadership team has deep technical and business expertise:

    • Co-founder and CEO Professor Agamemnon Epenetos is a practising oncologist and cancer researcher who has published in top scientific journals such as the British Medical Journal and The Lancet. Agamemnon started and exited three biotech companies.

    • Co-founder Raymond Moellering has achieved multiple accolades from institutions such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation, the American Cancer Society, the American Association for Cancer Research, and multiple cancer research foundations.

    • COO Dr Mahendra Deonarain conducted ABL’s preclinical R&D as part of his work in life sciences, immunology, oncology, antibody engineering, and biotechnology at Imperial College London.

Investment Offering

ABL is raising £9.5M ($14M) to progress R&D and complete a Phase I/II trial with its lead drug candidate, S4, which will lead to partnerships and commercial development. 

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