CarbonScape: Commercialising the World’s Most Sustainable Battery Material

“Our technology development is driven by a vision to decarbonize the lithium-ion battery industry through the use of a sustainable synthetic graphite anode that can be produced at half the current cost of incumbents, without in-battery performance decrease, while also localizing and securing capacity in the graphite supply chain in fast growing battery demand centres.”

Ivan Williams, CEO, CarbonScape Ltd

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Electrification and the drive to reduce the cost of EVs has resulted in direct pressure in the battery supply chain to reduce costs while maintaining lithium-ion battery performance.  Synthetic graphite is the cornerstone anode material in performance batteries used in the EV and the ICT spaces.  Despite pressure to reduce cost, scarcity of feedstocks, environmental pressures and demand projections have resulted in a forecast increase in the synthetic graphite cost of production and supply shortages.  Fast growing battery demand centres in the EU and US are far from traditional Chinese synthetic production locations, adding to the supply chain risk.


A patented low energy intensive technology for the production of synthetic graphite from waste biomass.  Our product-market fit aligns with targeted upstream chemical suppliers tasked to reduce the cost of raw materials while still ensuring down-stream in-battery performance.  Important additional value is created through our distinctive net carbon negative footprint keenly sought after by OEMs under increasing regulatory pressure.   Through the use of abundant and renewable feedstock, CarbonScape technology is ideally poised to take advantage of the demand in battery growth in the EU and US – significantly reducing Chinese dependence.

Competitive Edge

  • Half the production cost of incumbents without sacrificing performance
  • Diversity of regionally available and sustainable feedstocks
  • Negative carbon footprint

Team Experience

  • Ivan Williams (CEO) – Renewable energy & sustainability background with multinational corporate P&L experience
  • Nick Cozens (BD Director) – Energy background, diverse network
  • Dr Heinrich Badenhorst (R&D Director) – International graphite expert, Graftech International
  • Oliver Foster (CFO) – Investment banking background, small-mid cap energy co raises 2001-2011
  • Danny Chan (Director) – Successful venture investor and large recent exit.
  • Craig Sinclair (Chair) – Experienced C-Suite executive across public, private & start-up companies


11.25m shares @ NZ$0.40/sh raising NZ$4.5m representing 10% equity interest.


CarbonScape will transform the high cost synthetic graphite industry which is increasingly constrained by environmental pressures and feedstock scarcity. Through the deployment of our patented technology, which halves production costs with a carbon negative footprint and utilises sustainable feedstocks, we meet the compelling market need of chemical companies to provide lithium-ion battery manufacturers with increased volumes of low cost, high quality battery anode material. We therefore enable the affordability of lithium-ion batteries, the cornerstone of electric vehicles and in doing so mitigate climate change.


  • Pilot plant completed in 2018
  • Graphite purity of >99.999% achieved in 2019
  • International 3rd party validations in 2020:
    • “Outstanding results, fully suitable for customers in the battery anode space”
    • “We would expect that the pilot plant results achieved to date can be replicated in a technical [qualification] demonstration plant”
    • “We did not identify any significant risks”
  • NZ$2.2m capital raised so far in 2020 Series A Raise

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