Catch Swappit in Sydney at the Crypto Investment and ICO Summit 2018

Swappit will be sponsoring and attending the Crypto Investment and ICO Summit in Sydney on September 5-7. Here we will provide more information on our platform launch, as well as answer any questions potential investors may have. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about our crypto-backed lending platform and affordable solutions.

You will learn more about Swappit’s brand; understand our product and get insights into the solutions we offer and why we are the most affordable crypto-backed loans platform in the market.

The summit is a convention of blockchain investors, startups, and regulators that brings together Australian and international players in the industry. Swappit will be there, re-shaping the global financial service from Sydney, Australia. So be sure to come say hello, and transform the global market with Swappit!


About Swappit

Introducing Swappit the crypto-backed lending platform that eliminates the need for a lender to borrower match. Users for the first time can get loans in their local currency, without paying the steep interest rates charged by third party lenders.

Instead of relying on lenders, Swappit creates synthetic borrowing through the derivatives market. With this method, we’re able to provide the most affordable loans at annual interest rates of just 4.8% and get money in your pocket in as little as one business day.

Swappit. The efficient solution to crypto-backed loans.

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