Challenger is partnering with a major London casino!

Rewire Holding LTD´s, through its brand, is partnering up with a major London based Casino brand to promote social and financial inclusion through a joint product development program, aimed for release in Q4 of this year to the Casino clients in support of its charitable activities. In Q2-2021, raised $2.3 million in its pre-Series A funding round. For its next Series A round engaged 3 London brokers, of which one is an FCA regulated broker.

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Jose Merino, CEO at, has a long history of successes in the tech space. The former Executive Vice-President of Operations at a Global Fortune 500-listed electronics company in Silicon Valley speaks 5 languages. In the ’90s, he invented a cell phone he sold to a listed tech company in Asia. He followed this success by signing a licencing agreement with a Fortune 500 tech giant. Jose’s philanthropic endeavours in pandemic involve a social inclusion project with a global coffee chain in Spain. Saurus is his latest brainchild.

”We live in a world where we still have way to many unbanked people and therefore we will do our social responsible contribution in support of the United Nations Nr 1 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 1) to contribute to the eradication of poverty through our social and financial inclusion programs.” said Jose.

”It’s incredible to work alongside Europe’s latest FinTech driven to create a new market rather than competing with existing players.” Lee Britton, CEO EMEA at EML, S&P/ASX200.

We are delighted with the results of our internet sharing technology which is bringing more visitors to our stores. Dunkin Coffee customers don’t need to order at the counter and then ask for the store’s Wi-Fi password; they just download the app.” Karina Castillo, Dunkin Coffee Spain, Marketing Director.

We encourage you to learn more about Rewire Holding Limited, by visiting:

About Rewire Holding Ltd

• Self-funded by its founders until Dec 2019, when Rewire Holding was registered as a limited liability company in the UK, benefiting from the IPR and trademark licenses and the R&D work performed till then.
• Our licensed Internet Sharing technology has been inside the app of Dunkin´ Coffee nationwide in Spain since 2018, with over 250K downloads.
• 3 patent families, as licensed IPR protection.
• 6 June 2020, Contract signed with an EMI Fintech for provision of UK local accounts and Spain EUR IBANs and Mastercard.
• 17 June 2020, Agreement signed between “Fosun Innovation Hub Gmbh” and Rewire Holding, becoming a member of their “Incubator Program” of the European arm of the Chinese investment firm Fosun with >$20B Revenue.
• 11 Aug. 2020 prepaid debit card design signed off by Rewire Holding for approval process by PFS & MasterCard.
• August 2020, PCI compliance certification and penetration testing Agreement signed with Kyte Consultants.
• 25 Aug. 2020, KYC Agreement signed with Onfido for real time KYC.
• Onboarding process of the iOS and Android APP and basic API integrations between our server(s) and Onfido, development phase completed mid Sept. 2020.
• Closed Alpha test of the App as a multi-currency (EUR & GBP) current accounts App with a Prepaid Debit Card co-branded Mastercard & all throughout Oct.´2020.
• Beta testing during November 2020 and Commercial release of the iOS & Android APPs to the AppStore & Google-Play during early Dec 2020.
• Lean team of 12 and 3 Board Advisors currently.

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