Cirrus Materials presents in Texas at the Oil & Gas Innovation Centre’s annual innovation showcase

The Oil & Gas Innovation Center’s annual Innovation Showcase finds promising technologies that can ‘cross over’ into the oil and gas industry.  The Oil & Gas Innovation Centre is set up to address the specific technology needs of the petroleum industry. Technologies showcased are either commercially available or close to this threshold. The Oil & Gas Innovation Centre is owned and managed by petroleum industry professionals for the benefit of the global petroleum industry.

At the recent event, Cirrus received a strong endorsement as a specific solution to:

  • Reduce wear-on down-hole components such as pumps, connections and pipes which suffer from abrasion from drilling mud, silica in the water and metal rods rubbing on the sides of the wells.
  • Improve asset reliability & uptime, extending resource recovery.

Cirrus’s patented coatings and materials have wide applicability across many sectors and respond to drivers such as:

  • Lifecycle Cost– Thin, durable Cirrus coating systems reduce metal use in components, slow damage, and extend the maintenance cycle of major plant and assets.
  • Innovation – Cirrus materials and coatings are enabling new product capabilities and sustainable sourcing.
  • Regulatory– Cirrus nano-composite coatings are a leading technology candidate for replacement of hexavalent chromium and cadmium.

Cirrus is a New Zealand-based materials design business serving major manufacturing customers in Australasia, US, EU and Asia.

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