Cirrus Materials selected to attend the International Space Summit, Hartford, CT on 20 May

Cirrus is excited to be included in this unique opportunity to showcase our technology to global leaders at the forefront of the space industry. The Summit is exclusive to the 5 Eyes allied countries and will introduce advanced manufacturing, high-tech supply chain, and IT companies to the global Space Sector.  The event is sponsored by these leading aerospace and commercial organisations.

The Summit will detail both the capabilities required to be in the sector and highlight current opportunities.  Cirrus will gain a better understanding of the space sector, and introductions to the respective space agencies, OEMs, and supply chains.

Cirrus has successfully set up one-on-one meetings at the Summit with major aerospace companies, and key agencies.

Cirrus is widely recognised for its ability to design high-performance, hard-wearing environmentally friendly functional coatings.  The key platforms are:

  • Cirrus Dopant™, a “nano-composite” drop-in additive to electroplated or electroless coatings; and
  • Cirrus Hybrid™, a proprietary multi-layer coating system for light metal alloy components.

The client benefits are:

  • Lighter & harder coatings – better functionality.
  • Corrosion resistance – less R&M.
  • Asset protection – longer life.
  • Less toxic metals – more sustainable.

About the International Space Summit

During the summit, topics will include space commercialisation, industry trends and procurement, key priorities for space and how to do business with space agencies. To learn more about the International Space Trade Summit and who can participate visit:

About Cirrus

Cirrus is a New Zealand-based materials design business serving major manufacturing customers in Australasia, US, EU and Asia.

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