Classroom of Hope launch international effort to support ‘pop-up’ schools for kids on quake-hit island of Lombok

Adventure travellers, bloggers and social media influencers from around the world are combining to help children get back to school on the Indonesian island of Lombok after devastating earthquakes in 2018.

More than 500 people were killed when a series of earthquakes struck Lombok in late July and early August of 2018. Thousands of families were left homeless and more than 600 schools were destroyed.

To help the island recover, the education charity Classroom of Hope supported local NGO Pelita Foundation to construct thirteen pop-up schools.

These have given over 2000 children access to a safe and secure learning environment while permanent facilities are rebuilt.

But almost a year on, Lombok continues it’s struggle to recover, and thousands of children are still out of school.

The charities are creating six more large pop-up schools in north Lombok, and to help them do it, an innovative fundraising effort is underway to raise over $100,000 AUD through the positive power of social media.

“This is a collective effort of human beings across the world reaching out to support the children of Lombok who still need a safe and secure learning environment through pop up schools. They need our voices and that’s exactly what Project Lombok is all about.” Said COH founders Duncan & Nicola



Jackson Groves, a travel blogger ( and Instagrammer (@jackson.groves), was inspired by the work being achieved by Duncan Ward and Nicola Courtin from COH in partnership with the Pelita Foundation.

This gave rise his idea to create Project Lombok.

On April 22-30 Groves will take 10 adventurers from around the world on a tour of Lombok. Each participant has paid $1500 to be on the trip and 100% of their funds will go directly to building two schools in north Lombok. “Project Lombok has shown us is that when influencers, non-profits, creative and social media users come together and join forces, they have the opportunity and the power to make an incredible impact for the greater good. Social media is one of the most influential tools in the world and I want to see it used to create noise for those without a voice and to assist communities, families and individuals who are in a time of need.”


Project Lombok aims to raise over $100,000 AUD to build another six large pop-up school in north Lombok.

To reach this goal, several content creators and videographers have volunteered tirelessly to create a video highlighting the situation and the need for funding.

The video will be shared by hundreds of Instagram influencers, who are inspired to use their voice and platform to mobilize their online community to support the community of Lombok by building temporary pop-up schools.

The huge spread of positive content about COH and adventure travel in Lombok will also have a substantial positive impact on tourism to the island, which has significantly decreased since the earthquakes.

This is social media being used in the best way possible.

Influencers are using their voice to help their audiences assist those in Lombok with funding for temporary earthquake-resistant pop-up schools. This will ensure the children of north Lombok have access to a safe place to attend school.



About Classroom of Hope:

Classroom of Hope exists to help children unleash their greatness through life-changing education. Our purpose is to provide access to quality education to children in developing countries.

How we do this is my partnering with best practice local NGOs to implement education programs like building schools and women & girls scholarships across Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia and Rwanda.

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